Survivor Edge of Extinction: 3 things we want to see in season 38

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With the preseason of Survivor: Edge of Extinction finally about to begin, we breakdown three things we would love to see happen in season 38.

We’ll find out much more about Survivor: Edge of Extinction later today, but that doesn’t stop us from preparing for it right now! David vs. Goliath was a top ten season that set the bar really high going forward. I wouldn’t come into Edge of Extinction with the same expectations, especially given its theme. Here are three things we’re hoping to see that will make this season still workout.

1) First-time castaways stepping up

The biggest problem with these types of seasons that decide to mix returning players with newbies is that we don’t usually remember the newbies! It’s often the veterans stepping up, making the first-timers look bad as we’ve seen in Micronesia, Caramoan, and the Redemption Island seasons.

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We rarely see the gameplay of new castaways standout in this type of format. Although these mixed seasons have introduced to us a few castaways that would go onto becoming great players like Cochran and Andrea, their first seasons were far from anything special. If Edge of Extinction can crank out a few new players who can pull off some big moves, season 38 will already be heads and shoulders above the majority of these returning player seasons.

2) A balanced game instead of a dominant performance

Who played the best game in Survivor: David vs. Goliath? That’s one question you might have to take a moment to think about. Your heart might be saying Christian or Davie, but your head is probably thinking Nick or possibly Mike. Even Carl, Gabby and Alec made their controlling presence known over certain Tribal Councils. That underscores another strength from David vs. Goliath, there were so many power shifts!

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If Edge of Extinction presents different castaways taking control of the game as the season progresses, it will have the same effect that made season 37 memorable. When someone dominates this type of season, as Boston Rob did in Redemption Island, the social and strategic dynamics are nowhere near as interesting. So let’s hope for a balance between returnees and a variety of first-timers vying for control over the game.

3) Idol Nullifier!

It’s true, the Idol Nullifier is a very situational advantage that probably won’t be played nearly as good as Carl did. Besides the fact that it’s a great idea to finally have something that can counteract an idol, there’s another reason why having the Nullifier in Edge of Extinction is a must.

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Unless Probst informs the cast otherwise, the Nullifier will still be a surprise! Remember that Edge of Extinction began and finished filming months before David vs. Goliath aired. What made Dan’s blindside so memorable is that he had no clue this advantage was even possible. This is the last season that production can get that kind of reaction, so I hope they take advantage of it!