Survivor Edge of Extinction cast assessment: Aubry Bracco will do no Rong

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The three-time fan favorite of the Survivor 30s, Aubry Bracco aims to learn from her two close calls with victory and play to win (and to have fun).

It’s hard not to have a hardline stance on Aubry Bracco’s Survivor story. She’s been one of the most-discussed runners-up in recent history, and certainly not too far behind Russell Hantz’ back-to-back scenarios in Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains. The Final Tribal Council format might have even been tinkered to support an open discussion format in response to how it was railroaded in Kaoh Rong.

I hate to bring it up once more, but Aubry’s crushing defeat is very much a part of her Survivor story heading into Edge of Extinction, as she’s been given a unique opportunity to redefine her play. After being railroaded in Game Changers by Sandra Diaz-Twine who made an enemy out of her and didn’t find her footing, Aubry’s hoping that the third time’s the charm.

Depending on your opinion of Aubry Bracco, she may be that neurotic nerd who fought an uphill battle of redemption after early anxiety. She’s aware of that perception, and will enter Edge of Extinction aiming to play Survivor for what it is; a fun game. She said as much in her ET Canada interview, suggesting that by people care more about how they feel about you over what you say.

That’s going to be key to Aubry’s social game early on, as she’s one of the more strategic players of the show’s past 10 seasons. Returning players have an inherent advantage with fans looking up to them, and by putting on different hats as the ringleader (therapist for those who need help, entertainer during challenges), she hopes to maintain an excellent mood that shines through camp.

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Aubry starts out Edge of Extinction in a tribe with Joe Anglim, which may or may not be a death knell for her early game. Of all the returning players, Joe has the biggest target on his back, as he’s a proven challenge beast that’s chasing after the Individual Immunity Challenge record. However, plenty of people still want a challenge beast to help them avoid Tribal Council, where anybody can be voted out.

That’s where Aubry’s social game will make or break her ability to thrive, as Game Changers proved that she could make a deep run even when she’s not in control. She’s even obtained experience now necessary for the Final Four, as she beat Cydney in Kaoh Rong to earn her spot into the Final Tribal Council after making fire. In more ways than one, Aubry’s prepared for this game.

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Aubry Bracco enters Survivor: Edge of Extinction knowing that the only person she needs to make proud is herself. Having been in the spotlight before and felt intense fan scrutiny in the past, it’s the perfect mindset for the game.