Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 1, episode 2 titles offer some hints

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

It’s less than two weeks until the Survivor: Edge of Extinction and the titles for episode 1 and episode 2 may help tease some answers to some questions.

The most recent episode of Survivor aired not even two months ago, yet it feels like an eternity since the last time our favorite reality show was in front of our television screens. The conclusion of David vs. Goliath capped off an excellent season that set a high bar for Edge of Extinction to reach for, and I think it will be difficult (if not impossible) to top it heading into 2019.

Still, with the new gameplay twists and the mix of returning and brand new players making up the Survivor: Edge of Extinction cast, the excitement for something new is picking back up again. Now, with less than two weeks away until the premiere, we now know the Edge of Extinction episode 1 and episode 2 titles.

According to a release posted on The Futon CriticEdge of Extinction episode 1 will be titled “It Smells Like Success,” while Edge of Extinction episode 2 will be titled, “One of Us Is Going to Win the War.” With the current schedule as is, the Edge of Extinction finale is expected to air on May 15, with 13 weeks of Survivor on the docket. Extended or back-to-back episodes have not been announced.

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The first episode could be in reference to literally anything and everything within the game, as it doesn’t have a specific cadence or verbiage that is specific to any player. However, the second episode title could spawn some discussions, especially considering the captains and returnees aspect of the game.

One theory I’m going to throw out is that it’s an Aubry or Joe quote on the Kama tribe, and I’ll provide my reasoning. “One of us” winning a metaphorical war suggests two sides competing for tribal dynamics, and with two returnees per tribe, it seems most likely players will gravitate towards them. David, on the other hand, seems to be a big Kelley Wentworth fan and might want to work with her to protect both of their backs.

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Either way, we’ll have to wait until February 20 and February 27 to find out, as those are the air dates for Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 1 and episode 2.