Survivor Edge of Extinction cast assessment: Keith Sowell playing his age

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Our final cast assessment of Survivor: Edge of Extinction focuses on the youngest player of the group, as 19-year-old Keith Sowell isn’t hiding anything.

As Edge of Extinction approaches, Keith Sowell, a pre-med student, will become only the eighth teenager to play Survivor. Castaways in their late teens developed a sour reputation, thanks in part to Brandon Hantz’ antics in South Pacific, and Natalie Tenerelli in Redemption Island who was dragged to the end by Boston Rob.

However, Keith Sowell is looking to reverse that curse. Although he is very young, he carries himself in a mature way similar to Michael Yerger in Ghost Island. In his interview with ET Canada, Keith displayed his unique outlook to the game. Unlike recent teens including Michael, Jessica Peet and Will Wahl, who had a more strategic, big move mindset, Keith is going to focus on the social game.

While Michael disguised his age, Keith plans to be completely open with it, as he believes that there is no reason to hide it in the first place. He feels that it will actually help his position in the tribe, as people will see him as a non-threat because of his inexperience in life. His goal is to use that innocence and eagerness to make friendships with everyone and have them view him as a younger brother.

In his CBS bio, he compared himself to Jeremy, but not for dominating the game, playing idols or making big moves. Keith respected Jeremy’s social game most of all, and the fact he was out there for his family. Keith has a similar motivation since he’s the first member of his family to go to college and he hopes to help his underprivileged family financially.

His faith also plays a major role in his life as he is a youth pastor. Keith believes that his faith will help him in his Survivor journey. In addition to that, Keith also helped freshman at Duke get comfortable with the college environment. He believes that talking and guiding these students from different walks of life is another element that prepared him for playing a strong social game.

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Keith is definitely a tricky one to pinpoint how he will perform in Edge of Extinction. He is so different from other teenagers who played the game, so I don’t think he will put his head on the chopping block early because he won’t play an aggressive game. I could see him riding an alliance deep into the merge, but I’m not convinced that he has the guts to make a big move when he has to.