Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 2 preview: Just keep swimming

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A war is teased, a player lays the cards on the table and one player needs to just keep swimming in the Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 2 preview videos.

This post will show two videos of Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 2 in action from Wednesday night’s upcoming broadcast.

There’s always another option in Survivor. Players like Malcolm and Denise have shown that when push comes to shove, there’s always a way to get out of being the voting target; there’s always a bigger threat that can be targeted first. That’s why a player like Wendy Diaz isn’t necessarily out of Edge of Extinction just yet, but the way she handles herself from this point forward is pivotal to survival in the game.

Unfortunately, the first of two sneak peek Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 2 preview videos for what is titled “One of Us Is Going to Win the War” shows that Big Wendy is going into Big Defensive Mode as early as Day 4. She makes Kelley Wentworth out to be some kind of villain because “she’s a ringleader” for the newbies and throwing a wrench into their first opportunity to play.

It’s interesting to see players like Wendy and Eric be so vehemently opposed to returning players as openly as Wendy has been, as she’s telling this to Rick in front of David, a returning player. It seems like Wendy is poised to go down in the two-person ship that Reem built for her on Day 3, but let’s see if she can messy her way to longevity a la Angelina last season.

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The second of the preview videos shows the beginning of the Immunity Challenge, which is a hell of a lot better than just seeing Jeff Probst describe what happens. Unsurprisingly, Reem and Wendy’s attempt to make Keith a better swimmer were punished yet all of Manu is set back with Keith needing to swim to the cage before they can untie the huge snake, as Chris helps Keith with the task.

It should be noted that Wendy made it to the cage first out of all Manu members, as Jeff makes vocal note of during the challenge. She is a dolphin in the water, which could contribute to her sticking around for at least a vote if Keith’s performance costs the tribe Immunity for a second-straight time.

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We’ll have to wait and see what happens next when Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 2 airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.