Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 2: Biggest stories to watch

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Typically it’s the characters and gameplay that gets us excited for each episode of Survivor. In season 38, it’s Extinction Island that draws us back.

This is it. After months of knowing about this bizarre theme and weeks wondering why production is introducing another Redemption Island-like twist, we are starting to get our answer. The final scenes of the Survivor: Edge of Extinction premiere stunned us with Reem’s isolated purgatory. Which leads into our first storyline to watch for in tonight’s episode.

1) What’s going to happen on Extinction Island?

We’ve known for a few weeks now the overall idea of Extinction Island. But besides giving players a chance to get back in the game, we don’t know much. Jeff has repeatedly claimed that living on Extinction Island will be difficult, but how difficult?

Will Reem have any food or water? Will she have any materials that could help her start a fire or build a shelter? Are there any other directions on the island, or perhaps even a hidden advantage that can give someone a better chance of getting back in the game? Let’s hope that tonight’s episode can paint a more complete picture of this game-changing twist.

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2) Newbies vs. returnees

Another storyline that the first episode and the promos have teased is the possibility of a returning player blindside. Out of the four seasons with four or fewer returnees, two of them have seen a returnee get their torch snuffed before the merge. So it definitely won’t be a complete shock if a returning player bites the dust early.

As for who it could be, Wentworth and Aubry are looking the most vulnerable. It didn’t take long for Eric and Gavin to discuss blindsiding Aubry as soon as they lose their first Immunity Challenge. We’ll find out soon enough if Joe and Aubry can thwart this plan. However, this is giving me the feeling of Survivor: Philippines, which saw constant talk of getting rid of returnees, but with very little action to make it happen.

3) Will the cast pick up on Jeff’s hints?

As my co-expert pointed out in his episode 1 recap, Jeff Probst went straight from “If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol…” to “I’ll read the votes.” For the first time in who knows how long, Jeff omitted the infamous line: “Once the votes are read, the decision is final.” Even though I missed this clue initially, I’m sure a few of the castaways at Tribal Council picked up on it.

I can’t wait to see if the edit for tonight’s episode will show anyone catch this epic hint! If one or two people pick up on it, will they tell the others? Could they possibly deduce that Jeff is leaving subtle clues to this Redemption Island style twist?

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It’s one thing leaving the castaways in the dark about Extinction Island, but it creates a whole extra dynamic if Jeff is dropping hints about the true nature of this theme. It will be awesome to watch players attempt to guess why Jeff deviated from his Tribal Council ritual.