Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 2: Four first time players to watch

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With the returnees hogging the airtime, it was tough to get know some of the new castaways of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Several of the confessionals we did get from the premiere of Survivor: Edge of Extinction were simply new castaways praising the returning players. That doesn’t give us any insight into their gameplan or personality. Thankfully, we have a full season ahead of us, and we don’t have to worry about a marooning or shelter building taking away from meaningful conversations. Here are four castaways to watch out for in episode 2 in the hopes they get more coverage.

Victoria Baamonde (Kama Tribe)

Victoria is a perfect example of someone who we know nothing about after the first episode. That being said, in her pre-game interview with Josh Wigler, she came across as a player who can make it far in the game. She isn’t someone who is exceedingly good at survival skills, challenges, or a master strategist, but she seems like she could get by in all three of those categories.

She’s also a legit superfan who prepared for this season in a surprisingly practical way. She seems to fit the balance between knowing how to play this game, while still being likable and chill enough to avoid being an early boot. If we do see an attempt to blindside Aubry, I expect Victoria to be in on it, while still avoiding any backlash if this plan does blow up.

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Chris Underwood (Manu Tribe)

Chris got a beautiful zero confessionals during the premiere. However, we did get to see him perform well in the Immunity Challenge and also be a part of the decision making process for the Reem vote. What we didn’t get to see is that Chris is more than an athlete. Not only was he a diving instructor, but he’s currently finding success as a sales manager and believes that the skills he developed at work are perfect for some good old Survivor manipulation. Watch out for this potential dual threat.

Gavin Whitson (Kama Tribe)

We have another superfan here to keep an eye on. Gavin reminds me of Nick Wilson, with his strategic mind hidden by his “southern charm”. He already formed an alliance with Eric and considered blindsiding a returnee, which he’s fully capable of. However, I think that Gavin also knows when to pick his battles. If this blindside isn’t going to work out, Gavin isn’t going to go down with Eric. I know it’s early, but at this point, he has a legitimate shot at making it to Final Tribal.

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Ron Clark (Kama Tribe)

The one thing we know about Ron is his special Advantage Menu. Besides that fact, we have no clue about who he’s aligned with and where he stands with his tribe. The edit also didn’t reveal that Ron isn’t your typical teacher. His creative and unique approach to education has brought Ron worldwide acclaim, and you can be sure that his creativity makes him an exceptionally strong puzzle maker.