Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 2: Big takeaways

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

The second episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction finally gave us more time to learn about the castaways and watch alliances form.

Despite an over the top cliffhanger ending, this week’s episode of Edge of Extinction got down to the nitty-gritty of Survivor. We saw several alliances form, personalities clash, and an awesome idol hunt. Here are three main takeaways from Wednesday’s episode.

1) Aubry is trying too hard!

It was funny (and a little painful) to watch Aubry use the exact same phrases to Victoria, Julia and Gavin. With the extra time and less anxiety they had without having to go to Tribal, they were able to compare notes and figure out that Aubry is playing all of them.

This isn’t a typical case of Tony scrambling for an idol in Game Changers or Zane Knight from Philippines trying to be a puppet master. Aubry has the right idea, as her focus is on building relationships before presumptuously making alliances.

In some situations, it does help to be as open as Aubry was trying to be. However, you can tell that she came into the game with a set plan to create “a dialogue” with a majority of her tribe members. As a result, her efforts didn’t come across as a genuine friend but as a manipulative social player.

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2) The bro alliances are taking over

In Survivor: David vs. Goliath, it looked like a women’s alliance could possibly form and dominate the game. So far in Edge of Extinction, it’s the male duos that are holding the power.

On the Manu tribe, David and Rick singlehandedly controlled the outcome of the Keith vote. They are both funny and likable players that slid under the radar, allowing them to sit and watch while Wentworth’s target just keeps on growing. It also feels like everyone turns to either David or Rick when deciding who to vote for, which is a good sign of where the power lies.

In terms of the Kama tribe, we got to see Gavin and Eric build on the alliance they formed with each other during the premiere. They are two strategically minded players who are just waiting for the opportunity to blindside Aubry. Now with Julia and Victoria losing faith in Aubry, this big move could happen. It’s also interesting that in a pre-game interview, Ron’s bold prediction was an all-male Final Six!

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3) Lauren is more than a returnee’s pet

In these types of seasons where newbies are surrounded by a few returning players, there always seems to be those one or two people who cling to the veterans no matter what. Natalie Tenerelli from Redemption Island immediately comes to mind.

Initially, it looked like Lauren might assume that role, as her confessionals were all about admiring Wentworth. That being said, a lot changes when you find an idol and she was determined not to tell anyone, even Kelley, which is also something she committed to in pre-game interviews.

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If Lauren can develop strong relationships with other castaways, I think she can definitely prove to be a solid, individual player.