Survivor Edge of Extinction: Three stories to watch in episode 3

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

The way events are shaping up, episode 3 of Survivor: Edge of Extinction is poised to be the craziest episode yet!

After two episodes, Survivor: Edge of Extinction has been solid, but it hasn’t had the same bite David vs. Goliath had. However, there are several storylines that have been building up over the past two episodes, and tonight we might witness the climax. Extinction Island won’t be among the more interesting themes since  CBS couldn’t live up to their cliffhanger ending. But here are three of the biggest stories to keep an eye on for tonight’s episode.

1) It’s time for the first returning player to fall

After all the talk about blindsiding a returning player, it seems like the time is right. On the Kama tribe, Aubry is in serious danger. Her attempts at building genuine relationships have failed.

There’s a reason why the edit is showing Gavin and Eric repeatedly talk about voting out a returnee. Now with Victoria, Julia and Ron all aware of Aubry’s forced attempts to create a dialog, suddenly the numbers are there for a blindside.

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On the other hand, if the Manu tribe loses another challenge, there is a good shot Wentworth is going home. David and Rick had the numbers to blindside her but decided to stick with voting Keith instead. Now with Wendy being the only other outsider on the tribe, anything could happen. David could use Wendy’s desperation to their advantage, reasoning that Wendy’s vote is easier to control than Kelley’s.

2) Ron’s last chance to use his advantage

Back in the premiere, Ron found the Advantage Menu, which allows him to select one of three options. He can steal a reward, use an extra vote, or decide to play an Individual Immunity before the votes are read.

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The big hitch is that Ron has only until the third Tribal Council to use it. Fast fact: the third Tribal Council is tonight! So although an extra vote or Immunity Necklace would be nice, it might make sense to just steal the reward if they lose. If Kama wins another Immunity Challenge then Ron’s advantage would expire. So if they lose the Reward, I think Ron will use it since he isn’t really vulnerable to be voted out.

3) Who will find the Kama tribe idol?

The Hidden Immunity Idol in the Manu camp was found, but not in the Kama camp. It’s still out there. There was a lot of talk about looking for the idol though. With Gavin and Eric taking the time to search for it, they have a good shot at finding it.

The edit also showed Julie questioning Victoria why the women aren’t looking for the idol. So that could very well be a foreshadowing of her finding one. We even saw a short clip of Joe mulling around for the idol, so maybe he will stumble across it?

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With a tribe swap likely to happen in episode 4, this is probably the last time we’re going to observe these original tribe dynamics.