Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 3: Immunity and Reward Challenge

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Our first true Reward Challenge of Survivor: Edge of Extinction didn’t seem to impact the final result of the Immunity Challenge.

A tribe swap couldn’t come at a more perfect time. The Manu tribe just can’t keep up with Kama when it comes to physical strength or puzzle-making skills. Let’s breakdown each challenge from episode 3 of Survivor: Edge of Extinction to determine why Kama lost the Reward Challenge, and who proved themselves as a quality challenge threat.

Reward Challenge

This challenge consists of two parts. First, three members from each tribe have to construct a wheelbarrow and maneuver it through a maze while collecting sandbags along the way. Once out of the maze, the remaining castaways will take apart that wheelbarrow and transform it into a slingshot.

The first tribe to knock down all four of their targets wins the reward. They have a choice between comfort and four chickens. This isn’t a new challenge idea, but the last time we’ve seen this exact format was in season 23: South Pacific. It’s been a while, so I’m happy they brought it back. Especially because Reward Challenges tend to be basic and boring, but this was an exception. You can have another look at it below.

Reward Challenge Takeaways:

The first part of the challenge saw the Kama tribe develop a slight lead thanks to Eric and Joe driving the wheelbarrow with force. However, they struggled when trying to build their slingshot, while Chris and Lauren had no problem for Manu.

Once again, Chris dominated the challenge, knocking down all four targets like they were nothing, but it’s a little too late for that now! Unless someone like Joe is blindsided, Chris has a very strong chance of returning to this game through Extinction Island.

I was surprised with Julia’s success with the slingshot, but it’s hard to compete with Chris. I would have to think though, that if this was an Immunity Challenge, Joe would be in that clutch final slingshot position.

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Reward Challenge Rankings:

Creativity: 2/5

Difficulty: 2/5

Entertainment Value: 3/5

Immunity Challenge:

This challenge was also in the form of two parts. First, four tribe members are tethered to a small boat that holds their other three members. The four castaways in the water will pull the boat by swimming. At a halfway point, the three in the boat will climb up a platform to jump off and grab a key.

Once they have all three keys, the players in the water will swim the boat to shore. After using the keys to unlock a chest, three tribe members will solve a three-part puzzle in the shape of a ship’s wheel. Although the first portion of this challenge is a unique and interesting idea, the wheel puzzle has been used a few seasons earlier in Game Changers. That being said, it’s still a cool concept that is unlike any puzzle in other challenges, and you can rewatch it below.

Immunity Challenge Takeaways:

Both tribes did a good job of pulling their boat. As expected, Joe and Chris led the way for their respective tribes, however, it was Wendy’s performance that surprised viewers. Even with a sore ankle, she showcased her powerful swimming skills. Wendy’s injury appears to be more of a bruise as opposed to a sprain, so I can’t see her ankle dragging her down too much. She’s only going to get better as the season progresses.

Manu developed a solid lead thanks to David, Wentworth, and Lauren having the awareness to quickly swim back to their boat after grabbing a key. However, that trio couldn’t get anything going with the puzzle. Aubry, Ron, and Julia handled the puzzle portion for Kama. It’s true that Aubry has seen this puzzle before in Game Changers, but she wasn’t involved in solving it.

That didn’t stop her from getting on a roll and taking the lead in figuring out which piece went where. What impressed me the most was Ron’s puzzle-making abilities, as he confidently and swiftly assembled the pieces of the ship’s wheel like he’s seen it before. That reminded me of his pre-game interviews where Ron said that he found a way to construct and practice every single puzzle in Survivor history! That intense preparation came through in this challenge, and it could be a real asset for Ron going forward.

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Immunity Challenge Rankings:

Creativity: 2.5/5

Difficulty: 2/5

Entertainment Value: 3/5