Survivor vegetarians come out of Twitter hibernation to support Wendy

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Despite never being a vegetarian before going on Survivor, Big Wendy finds support from former players in her goal in freeing the chickens.

Last night brought to light something that’s kind of glossed over during most Survivor seasons; the players that receive chickens on reward often kill them. That might not be a big deal to most, especially considering the players are in a survival situation, but it does bring to the fact that it’s possible for the players to be just given cooked chicken and not have to kill them themselves.

It’s not a new type of storyline, however, as you can go all the way back to Survivor: Australian Outback to find Kimmi Kappenberg standing up to Alicia about how they handled their chickens, which caused a huge fight. It also produced Alicia’s infamous finger-wag; an iconic moment in the early days of the pre-GIF era of the show.

In fact, despite being inactive on Twitter for the past two years, this past episode brought Kimmi Kappenberg out of hibernation, showing her public support for Wendy Diaz’s wish to free the chickens won by the Manu tribe.

What followed was a bevy of tweets from the rarely-active Kimmi showing people who support her and Wendy’s wishes to keep the chickens safe, as well as support from people who want to see her play Survivor one more time. The timing continues to be suspicious for former players suddenly becoming active on social media, especially with a year-old Jeff Probst tweet about which players fans want to see again gaining traction in the community.

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She’s not the only former Survivor player supporting Wendy Diaz. Tai Trang, the first winner of the Sia Award for monetary benefit in showing support for animals, also tweeted for the first time in a while, giving her tips and tricks to winning the tribe over. Of course, it helps that Tai didn’t hide the flint and try to bring others in on his schemes to pull off a Russell Hantz-like tribe sabotage, but to each their own!