Survivor Edge of Extinction: Manu tribe is a disaster

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

We’re three episodes into Survivor: Edge of Extinction and the Manu tribe has gone to Tribal Council every single episode. Simply put, they’re a disaster.

It’s bad enough that the Manu tribe has gone to Tribal Council each week so far, resulting in them losing three tribemates. They did manage to win a challenge in Wednesday’s episode, but as the previews indicate next week, that could all be for naught.

Voting off Reem and Keith were smart decisions. Reem was upsetting her teammates by laying their clothes on the beach and was pretty obnoxious overall. Keith was weak in challenges and wasn’t contributing much around camp. Manu made the right decisions in sending those two “home” (little do they know – Redemp- Er, I mean – Edge of Extinction exists).

Voting Chris off was a bit more puzzling, especially with Wendy being both injured and wanting to release the chickens (and next week shows that she does indeed accomplish that task). Wendy took the tribe’s flint so that they couldn’t kill and eat the chicken before Tribal Council, and that right there should have been a red flag.

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David believed her when she said she didn’t take it, however, yet somehow Wendy didn’t receive a single vote. No, instead Manu opted to vote off one of their two strong guys. Survivor is a strategic game, and Chris was way in over his head, but Wendy seemed like the obvious choice that lives to fight another day. It’ll ultimately cost Manu their chickens, too.

Survivor has had its fair share of dumb tribes over the near two decades it’s been on the air and, Manu probably doesn’t even crack the top ten (it’s still too early). I just found it funny that even when Manu won a challenge, in the end, they didn’t truly win. They didn’t get to eat any chickens and will lose them all together because they kept a troublesome tribe member around.

Oh yeah and that troublesome teammate also hurt her ankle in the reward challenge. She did manage to perform well in the immunity challenge, but it had been noted in the season premiere that she was a fairly strong swimmer. She won’t be much help in challenges requiring running or, you know, doing anything that requires her to put weight on that ankle.

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Next week will see two tribes turn into three tribes, meaning the Manu as we know it will be no more. Hopefully, the next Manu tribe can figure it out and win some challenges. Then again – If they don’t, that’s more entertainment for the viewers!