Why was _____ sent to Survivor’s Edge of Extinction third?

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For a Manu tribe struggling badly in challenges, the decision to blindside Chris to the Edge of Extinction is a head-scratcher.

In a shocking and dumbfounding move, the Manu tribe sent 25-year-old Chris Underwood to the Edge of Extinction, despite Chris being their best competitor in challenges this Survivor season.

Chris started the episode strong, leading the Manu tribe to their first (and only victory) of the season so far after he went 4 for 4 on the slingshot portion. Thanks to Chris’ dominant performance, the Manu tribe won chickens as their reward. Then, at the Immunity Challenge, despite another strong performance from Chris, the Manu tribe struggled at the puzzle stage and lost their third straight immunity challenge.

At camp, David pitched the idea of getting rid of Kelley Wentworth to Chris but warned Chris not to tell Wardog of the plans, believing that if Wardog was told, the plan would blow up. However, not wanting to burn his supposed ally Wardog, Chris did not heed David’s advice. Wardog told Wentworth of the plan to blindside Wentworth and targeted Chris believing him to be the mastermind behind the plan.

With the vote that night now down to Chris and Wentworth, David and Rick found themselves as the swing votes. In the end, despite David’s Survivor instinct that told him it was the right time to blindside Wentworth, it was Chris who was instead blindsided by a vote of 5-2. Luckily for Chris, he’s not out of the game yet. He will go to the Edge of Extinction, where he will have the chance to get back in and get the revenge he seeks on his tribemates.

For a tribe struggling as badly in challenges as Manu is, blindsiding Chris is a head-scratching move because, at this point, you need strength more than ever. It seems as if the Manu tribe has just given up on itself and its ability to win. Now, it would seem the best thing Manu could do is pray for a swap. Thankfully for them, there is one next week.

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With most of the early focus on the four returning players, Chris never really had a story arc, so it is difficult to pinpoint any tangible reasons why he was sent to the Edge of Extinction. The biggest reason it seems he was blindsided is that he did not listen to David and told Wardog of the plan to eliminate Wentworth that night.