Survivor Edge of Extinction: Emotional tribal council makes Lesu likable

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 4 gave us a very emotional Tribal Council, helping the Lesu tribe become a tribe to root for going forward.

When the new tribes were formed in the latest episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, oddly enough, the only person to not be with their original tribe was Wendy. She remained a member of Manu as she was joined by four original Kama members.

The other members of the old Manu tribe wound up on Lesu, the new expansion tribe. Lesu had to move to a new beach, which meant building a new shelter, discovering new resources and, effectively, starting over again. Whatever tribe has to go to 16a new beach is always at a huge disadvantage, and it showed, as Lesu lost the Immunity Challenge.

That loss sent David, Kelley, Lauren, Rick, and Wardog (I hate that there’s a contestant named Wardog) to their fourth straight Tribal Council, and it was a memorable one for the viewers. There wasn’t a crazy outburst, constant whispering to the other contestants, nor was an idol played or any other type of twist played out.

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This Tribal Council was memorable because all five castaways legitimately liked each other and didn’t want to vote anyone out. Kelley got choked up when thinking about the repercussions of the vote, and all five of them said they felt like the tribe was a family. It was sad that one of them had to go!

Unfortunately for Rick, it was his time. He will join Reem, Keith, and Chris on Extinction Island (which, can we all agree is pointless right now?), but his tribemates don’t know that. They thought they just voted out one of their family members.

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Moving forward, Lesu is a tribe we’re all going to be pulling for this Survivor season. David and Kelley are fan favorites already, but Lauren finding an idol made her someone to keep an eye on. While Wardog’s name is silly, he is an interesting character and has provided some entertainment thus far.

Will this tribe be able to turn things around? Kelley Wentworth said it best when she said her tribe was like the Cleveland Browns of tribes. It hasn’t been pretty for this group, but maybe this vote will help turn things around for them.

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Kama won the Immunity Challenge pretty handily and continue to look indestructible while the new Manu tribe pulled off their first Immunity Challenge victory. Both tribes looked strong in their first showings, but Lesu is a close-knit group, and hopefully, they will start to get the ball rolling soon.