Survivor Edge of Extinction: Three stories to watch in episode 5

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

The storylines are continuing to build on Survivor: Edge of Extinction as all four returnees are still here and the “eliminated” castaways are smelling redemption.

Are you ready for a special two-hour Survivor episode? I’m hoping we can finally learn more about all the original Kama members, especially Julia who hasn’t even had one confessional yet! This is the opportunity for Survivor: Edge of Extinction to move out of mediocrity. Here are three key stories to watch as tonight’s episode unfolds.

1) Victoria is ready to make her move

We have yet to see a legitimate big move in Edge of Extinction. Besides Ron’s idol search and Lauren’s idol find, none of the newbies have done anything meangingful in terms of gameplay. Tonight’s double episode is the time for at least one player to emerge. The direction that the promos and the edit have been heading in seems to favor Victoria making a big move.

She has shown in her previous conversations and pre-game interviews that she has the strategic mind and the desire to make a blindside happen. If her tribe does lose, we’ll see if she will end up joining Aubry to take out Eric, or if she can somehow vote out Aubry with an idol in her pocket. I also wouldn’t sleep on Ron stealing the show by snuffing Joe’s torch if Kama heads to Tribal.

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2) Is it ready for the castaways to return?

There are now four players on the Edge of Extinction and 14 left in the game. What could a two-hour episode mean? Given that the premiere wasn’t even longer than the usual 60 minute runtime, I got to think that this must advance the story of those on Extinction Island in some shape or form.

This might not be the episode where one or two of them officially re-enter the game, but maybe they’ll have a challenge of some kind similar to the Outcasts twist in Pearl Islands. So my prediction (which is usually wrong) is that the second castaway voted out in tonight’s episode will be replaced by one of the players from Extinction Island.

Once again, we’re not sure how this episode will pan out so maybe production is saving the big reveal for next week’s episode. Regardless of what happens, tonight double feature needs to spice up this twist before it falls into the same mould as Redemption Island.

3) Who will get that third idol?

With the tribe expansion, the newly formed Lesu is almost guaranteed to harbor another idol. Add in the looming merge, and it’s more than likely someone will find it tonight. I can’t see Wardog finding one, and it would be surprising if Lauren could find another one, especially given her weakened state.

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If someone’s going to find the idol, it’s got to be one of the two returnees, and my guess is David. Whoever finds it, I’m hoping that they can hold onto it until the merge so we can have some crazy Tribal Councils as in David vs. Goliath.