Survivor Edge of Extinction needed that electric tribal council

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Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

In a season that has been pretty dang boring prior to Wednesday night’s two-hour episode, a much-needed exciting tribal council finally took place.

Survivor fans have been spoiled with some great seasons over recent years, but Survivor: Edge of Extinction was not looking like one of those seasons early on.

For one, Manu and then Lesu continuously lost, and that in itself gets old. Kama did not lose an Immunity Challenge all season and haven’t had to go to Tribal Council because of it, so we still don’t know much about that tribe other than Joe. Even then, he’s only is getting airtime because he’s Joe and everyone thinks he’s amazing (except for Wentworth, apparently).

Wednesday night’s episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction was a two-hour roller coaster ride. The first hour was highlighted by Lesu’s comeback win when it looked like they were dead in the water. That sent Manu to tribal where Aubry went home.

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The second hour, though, was where all the magic happened. In a twist we saw in Game Changers a few years ago, two tribes would both go to tribal council and would only vote one person out. That pitted a four-person Manu tribe against a four-person Lesu tribe with both intending to “stay strong” and stick to their guns.

Heading into Tribal Council, it seemed obvious that it was either going to be Lauren, Wardog, or Wendy getting the boot. Lauren seemed the least likely due to having an idol and the fact that her tribe likes her. Wardog can’t say the same thing, as Lauren told Wentworth she wouldn’t go to rocks for him.

Ultimately, Wendy got the boot. Her tribemates decided she wasn’t worth going to rocks over and it’s not hard to blame them whatsoever, as they had no previous ties to her prior to this vote.

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Survivor: Edge of Extinction needed this Tribal Council because, let’s face it; prior to this vote, this season was a bit of a dud. It could still end up being a snoozer but with the merge coming and both Wentworth and Lauren having idols, things are only just beginning for this group.

Oh yeah, and we get to see what’s in store for the crew on Extinction Island! Finally, those who have been sitting around for days (or weeks) might get back into the game. The preview for next week’s episode made it seem like the Outcast twist from Pearl Islands, and nobody wants a repeat of that.

Hopefully, this Edge of Extinction twist doesn’t wipe out what could be momentum after a fun Tribal Council. I’m excited to see how the Lesu tribe fairs in the merge and to see how truly excited Lauren will be for that merge feast.

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There’s promise for these contestants (at least the ones we’ve had confessionals from), but one tribe continuously losing over and over again has made things predictable. This past episode, however, was anything but. Here’s to hoping the season only improves from here!