Why was ______ sent to Survivor’s Edge of Extinction sixth?

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After being on the bottom the entire season, the time had finally run out on Wendy Diaz, and she was sent to the Edge of Extinction as its final (?) member.

Things started going south for Wendy when the tribe aligned against her, Reem, and Keith in episode 1 after Reem and Wendy tried to teach Keith how to swim. This helped lead to Reem being voted out.  Things got worse for Wendy when her tribe kept losing.

In episode 2, it looked like Wendy would be the obvious choice given her desires to take out Wentworth and sticking by Reem in episode 1. However, Keith’s poor performance in the challenge led to him being sent to the Edge of Extinction.

In episode 3, Wendy looked to be doomed once again after Manu lost their third straight immunity challenge. She looked to have dug her own grave after an ankle injury, and she hid the tribe’s flint to spare the chickens. However, after Chris spilled the beans about plans Wendy, David, and Rick had made with him to blindside Wentworth, it was Chris who was instead blindsided.

In episode 4, the tribe swap happened. Unfortunately for Wendy, she was once again on the bottom, outnumbered 4 to 1 by members of the original Kama tribe. Almost immediately after the tribe swap happened, she further put herself on the outs of her new tribe by freeing the tribe’s chickens. However, Wendy was able to stay alive when her tribe won the Immunity Challenge.

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In the first hour of episode 5, the Manu tribe lost in a stunning come from behind upset. With the tribe consisting of four original Kama members and Wendy, Wendy appeared to be the easy vote. However, the newbies on the tribe wanted Aubry out and teamed up with Wendy to blindside her.

In the second hour, however, time had finally run out on Wendy. In a twist, only one tribe won immunity and the two losing tribes went to Tribal Council together a la Game Changers. Manu and Lesu were the unlucky tribes who didn’t win the Survivor: Edge of Extinction Immunity Challenge. After David pulled Wendy aside (presumably to try and convince her to vote with the Lesu tribe), the first vote came back tied 4-4.

Desperate to avoid drawing rocks, Eric, Gavin, and Victoria talked with members of the Lesu tribe trying to work something out. When the re-vote came in, Wendy was voted out 6-0. Wendy chose to accept the offer to go to the Edge of Extinction, where the next morning they were instructed to get in a boat to get their chance to return to the game.

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The biggest reason why Wendy was sent to the Edge of Extinction sixth is because of her unpredictable nature. If you are as unpredictable as Wendy was, it is difficult to trust you as a player in Survivor. Both tribes were put off by her antics with the chickens.

She had also been at the bottom of both the original Manu tribe (which was now the Lesu tribe) and the new Manu tribe. With both the new Manu tribe and Lesu tribes desperate to avoid drawing rocks at Tribal Council, this made Wendy an easy target.

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Luckily for her, she is now on the Edge of Extinction where she will have a chance to get back in the game next episode.