Survivor: Edge of Extinction idol possession tallied thanks to Twitter

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Are you having a hard time tracking the constant flow of advantage information thrown at you in Survivor: Edge of Extinction? Thank Lynne on Twitter for an answer.

This post will include references to events from Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 7.

I’ve mentioned it in our episode recaps, but there truly is way too much content packed into each week of Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Whether it’s advantages on the Edge of Extinction, advantages found in the game, new advantages such as the advantage menu or the half-idol, actual Hidden Immunity Idols or extra votes sent to players, it seems like there are so many twists we can’t fit in proper survival and character development.

It’s also fairly distracting for casual viewers of Survivor: Edge of Extinction who aren’t talking about the episodes online but just watch them week to week. Who’s Julie? Which players have an idol? Who’s a target? Who’s on Extinction Island? Pushing forth so many ideas means viewers are lost trying to keep it all together.

Thankfully, Jeff Probst has emerged from his twice-annual visit to Survivor Twitter to read suggestions from viewers, answering Lynne on Twitter’s suggestion to add a note on idol possessions whenever a player’s name is in a confessional. Two weeks ago, Probst noted it was a good idea, and on Tuesday night he confirmed it would appear in upcoming episodes “and continue” into Survivor’s existence.

When Kelley spoke in confessionals, besides the name “Kelley” in the graphics shown in the bottom-third of the screen, it said “One Immunity Idol.” This will remind audiences which player has what advantages (presumably more than just idols) in the game going forward. It even showed Rick’s “1/2 Immunity Idol” when he was awarded that (half) power in the game.

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It seems like Survivor: Edge of Extinction editing has received more suggestions and alterations based on Twitter. Rob Barlow suggested showing the votes during the credits to appease fantasy league players and in that same “two weeks ago” timeframe, Jeff mentioned he “will try to figure it out,” mentioning “issue is time” and that the show “will try to post online.”

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Lo and behold, we actually saw the votes this time! Granted, this is the first complicated vote in Survivor: Edge of Extinction (we were contextually told who voted for whom in not as many words until now), but we also did get the votes shown on the show’s YouTube page! Some have issues with Jeff Probst as a showrunner, but undoubtedly, he is one of the best at hearing great fan requests and doing what he can to help out the core, hardcore, and even casual fans.