Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 10: Jeff Probst confirms two boots

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Whether it’s a back-to-back Tribal Council or two rounds of votes in one hour, Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 10 will see two people voted out.

UPDATE: CBS has provided a release for Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 10, confirming there will be two Tribal Councils. We still don’t know the nature of how we will see two tribals, but good lord, do we need more advantages?

ORIGINAL: As we’ve seen in recent episodes, there is so much Survivor: Edge of Extinction content to get to that we’re missing out on a lot of the game’s story. Seriously, the biggest non-gameplay story of the first half was Wendy and the chickens, and she quit the game halfway through the merge episode!

If you’re like me and a bit worried about the narrative pacing for these characters, it’s not going to get much better! As Jeff Probst confirmed to Dalton Ross in his latest Entertainment Weekly post-Tribal interview, there will be two players going home after next week’s events. That’s way too many people going home for a one-hour episode.

We didn’t see a teaser for two players being voted out in the most recent episode’s “Next Time On Survivor,” which means we have a few options for how two players can be “going home.” One, we could just be seeing someone quit at the Edge of Extinction and a player regularly voted out. We saw Eric contemplating raising the mast and quitting the game last episode, so it is in the realm of possibility for him or someone else to do so.

Viewers could be in store for another modern Survivor Tribal Council switch-up to get more players out quickly. For example, we could see a Ghost Island-like split Tribal Council where two players get sent to the jury in two groups of five for two tribals ad. The way less appealing version would be to go through two straight-up rounds of the game in the span of one hour; rushing through all character beats and being pure gameplay.

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There are a ton of options, but by going through two players on Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 10 we are likely not getting another two-hour episode of the show until the season finale. Maybe before then, we’ll learn why Gavin blindsided Eric, his number one ally, without needing post-season interviews.