Survivor Edge of Extinction: Breaking down that crazy Tribal Council

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /
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There were a TON of moving parts in the Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 9 Tribal Council. We’ll break down the action in the order it occurred.

Last night, we witnessed one of the craziest Tribal Councils in Survivor historyEdge of Extinction episode 9 had been teased as a crazy moment that would have fans talking the next day, and would you look at that; we’re still talking about it the next day! A big reason why we at Surviving Tribal are highlighting it for a separate piece is that it was way too busy for our liking.

Seriously, we had trouble picking out who was saying what, who was targeting who, where people’s heads were at and what people were actually thinking during different points in time. Thankfully, we have the power of rolling the footage back, as well as some helpful tweets from the players, to guide us.

The Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 9 Tribal Council happened in four phases; let’s break each of them down by jotting down what happened.

Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 9 Tribal Council start
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Phase 1: Tiptoeing around the truth

  • Entering Tribal Council, the voting plan from to majority was Kelley Wentworth, per Victoria.
  • As the players sit down, Jeff Probst asks Julie about the difference between being on the good and bad sides of a blindside.
  • Julie says it’s not a good feeling and “can’t trust anyone at this point.”
  • In asking about the feeling post-blindside at camp, Aurora said a blindside needs people being left out of the move for it to work, and that the intended goal was the most important part.
  • Wardog rejected Aurora’s notion, saying that Aurora’s using the same people who voted out Eric to potentially be passengers on Aurora’s plane and that everyone should think what their role is this tribal.
  • Kelley agreed, saying she tried to establish trust at camp, but she couldn’t be certain if “Kama strong” is a thing or not once more, so she has doubts.
  • David made an allegory out of sharks and minnows based on an event he saw while aqua dumping, suggesting some on Kama might be a minnow.
  • Of the two suggestions, Rick suggested he might be the poop, highlighting Gavin, Julia and Victoria as the people everyone was talking to at camp and saying they let the clock run out on concrete answers.
  • Gavin alluded to his frustrations about coming into groups with a plan and reconvening an hour later only for plans to change.
  • Julie broke down a bit after being emotionally drained by friends lying to her, suggesting she doesn’t trust the plan in play and it will be a blindside.
  • Kelley looked to Julia in confusion, who replied saying the plan is still on, while Julie noted she is a free agent should she survive that Tribal Council. On Twitter, Julia said she was reassuring Kelley despite her being the target; a fact that Ron and Julie knew ahead of time.
  • Ron said he and Julie would be reassured should everything go according to plan after this tribal.

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