Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 9 edgic: Comparing winner types

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Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Amid an utterly chaotic editing mess, we try to make sense of the Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 9 edgic by comparing past winners to current edits.

What a mess. I’ve never encountered a season quite like this, edit-wise, as Survivor: Edge of Extinction, although there are several mitigating factors. Primarily, so much time has been spent on the players voted out of the game, who are now jury members and are giving advantages to active players and trying to get back to being an active player themselves.

Not only that, but we’re in a semi-Redemption-Island-like season with four returnees instead of two. That makes it hard to determine whether a player’s getting a complex personality edit overall because they’re a fan favorite or because they are truly winning the game. Their shine also takes away from other players, meaning we have to decipher if this is a “Why _____ won” season or a “Why _____ lost” season.

With so much confusion, I’m completely at odds with where we find our players at this time. Everyone has a somewhat flawed edit, with no obvious frontrunners present. That’s why after showcasing our Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 9 edgic chart, we will make comparisons for the top contenders and those on the outside contention to past winners, exposing their flaws and compelling reasons why they could win.

Let’s first take a look at the chart!

Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 9 edgic
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Winner contenders

Rick Devens (CP5): Adam Klein (Millennials vs. Gen X)

Though no winner goes 100% unimpeded en route to their victory (not even Boston Rob), very few winners look outwardly arrogant or foolish in a pivotal episode. Rick Devens has more than made up for his OTTN episode prior, making it look like an anomaly amid his history of CPP episodes as he single-handedly managed to create a live tribal council and create an alliance right then and there.

This felt like a smaller version of Adam Klein’s redemption arc from episodes 9 and 10 in his season, going from arrogant minion to capable leader as he stood his ground in the rock draw tribal. If Rick can keep this momentum, he would have a flawed, but entertaining, winner arc.

Victoria Baamonde (MOR2): Danni Boatwright

Though their confessionals were spread out differently ahead of episode 10 of their seasons, Victoria and Danni had similarly quiet, but present edits leading up to this point in time. Victoria has repeatedly presented her input and used her close connections with the Kama players to follow with their plans while trying to keep themselves alive.

Danni was in more of an underdog role, but they share a similar narrative in terms of being a social player who’s hidden well from the downfalls of their allies. Victoria needs to establish a strategic duo (or trio) and bring personal content in order to complete a fulfilled Survivor winner’s edit.

Julie Rosenberg (OTTM5): Vecepia Towery

While Julie won’t break records for reality television firsts like Vecepia did, the two are in an odd position in the early 20s of a Survivor season days. Both of them found themselves as outsiders, making sudden alliances that they hope to carry them through the rest of their games. Both are immunity necklace winners, as well, and both have been under the radar (but present) in the edit.

A Julie Rosenberg win would look like the best option out of what was available, meaning she would likely have to sit beside an Edge of Extinction returnee deemed unworthy of votes or a strong player or two who soured the jury.

Kelley Wentworth (CP3): Sarah Lacina

Despite her not saying it out loud, Kelley has been playing Survivor kinda like a criminal, not a cop. Both her and Sarah had competed in the show before Edge of Extinction, playing confidently before getting cut from the game at the height of their power within their seasons. Both have used advantages and idols to their massive benefit while flipping between voting blocs.

If Kelley wins, she will do so as someone who played the game hard but not as abrasively as someone else sitting beside her. However, right now Kelley’s tight circle of allies would have to be on the jury to vote for her, which presents problems. The biggest difference is that Kelley is a lot more visible in the edit.

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Outside chances

Eric Hafemann (MORP3): Matt Elrod (if he won) (Redemption Island)

While most players joining the Edge of Extinction get a Neil Young’s “Old Man”-esque montage, Eric had the emotional up and down look that saw him doubting himself before pulling himself back into the game. The problem with reading a Redemption Island-like winner is that it’s never happened before. It seems like Ron has taken the editing backlash from their Kama strong plan, too.

Perhaps Eric can return to the game and bring balance to the split Vata tribe and earn the favor of the jury he befriends on the Edge of Extinction.

Lauren O’Connell (CP2): Amber Brkich as a duo (All-Stars)

Though Lauren isn’t in a showmance that will lead to one of the most iconic reality TV couples, she is in a tight duo with a ride-or-die strategic player, Kelley Wentworth. The two have worked together since the beginning, and both have made separate alliances or partnerships that they would later vote against (Lauren working with Julia before voting her out).

However, though she is working tough in the game, should she sit beside her ally at the end of the game, Lauren will likely win due to her more strategic ally burning bridges with the jury. She’s had a lot of positive-toned episodes so far, and the rest of the game remains. This can change as we get closer to the end.

David Wright (CP4): Wendell Holland (Ghost Island)

Something that both David in Survivor: Edge of Extinction and Wendell Holland share is that they are both supremely excellent social players that, for the longest time, weren’t targeted by their opponents. They both work in duos or trios that should have a lot of heat on them, but still manage to control the votes throughout the game.

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However, David and Wendell were not the forward-facing players of their alliances, and I believe if David made it to the end of this game he would need to do so with another strong competitor and a goat; perhaps even winning by a single vote. David’s plans to vote out Kelley haven’t come to fruition, either.

Wardog (CP3): A more subtle Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)

Tony Vlachos is now a Survivor casting archetype, and Wardog might be the best iteration we’ve seen yet. While he hasn’t been in the driver’s seat of a majority alliance, he’s been a larger-than-life personality making strategic decisions from behind greenery while being terrible at challenges. More importantly, Wardog’s done this without an overpowered Tyler Perry idol and hasn’t received a vote yet.

Their negativity and pompous attitude would make both winners unpredictable and surprising.

Survivor Edge of Extinction episode 10 Chris Underwood
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Outside chances

Chris Underwood (UTRP1): Natalie White (Samoa)

Though he’s not the most entertaining personality, Chris is sticking true to his Edge of Extinction strategy of providing for his fellow jurors and keeping them happy with his presence. Should he re-enter the game, he will likely have the respect of the jury members who spent weeks eating the fish he caught. However, he’ll need to sit with players the jury does not respect, as well.

Joe Anglim (MOR2): Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)

As we saw at the merge, Joe doesn’t really have a great strategy and will likely be targeted by everyone as soon as he becomes vulnerable. However, should he become a challenge beast and win his way back into the game through immunity challenges, he could find himself getting enough jury votes for perseverance. Plus, he has to sit beside less-than-likable players at the final tribal council.

Slim chances

Aurora McCreary (OTT3): Purple Kelly (Nicaragua)

After weeks and weeks of being under the radar, Aurora has been a visible player who has drawn ire at tribal council. She’s still the least-visible player of the game and will likely be voted out soon if our edgic is to be believed.

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Gavin Whitson (CP4): Carl Boudreaux (David vs. Goliath)

Just like Carl, Gavin found himself in a tight alliance early, slid back into the shadows for a while then found himself in a power position only to be usurped of power, not taking others saying no to him well. To bring his story to an end, I think Gavin is close to being voted out of the game.

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Ron Clark (MOR3): Jean-Robert Bellande (China)

For most of the game, Ron worked incrementally with the self-assuredness of a puppet master, only to be put in his place emphatically by a more strategic player. This reminds me of Jean-Robert from Survivor China, although Ron’s defeat has only been represented by his morale at this point.

Julia Carter (CPN5): Desiree Afuye (Ghost Island)

Much like Desiree, Julia took active steps to make sure she wasn’t on the bottom of a “(tribe) strong” alliance well before the time was right. Instead, she created distrust and was voted out while being called out by the majority of the merged tribe as her game crumbled almost within an instant. Plus, both characters were under the radar for most of the season prior to their big blowup. At least Julia pulled off one blindside in the process.

Aubry Bracco (UTR1): Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island)

Andrea Boehlke was first betrayed in brutal fashion once her strong alliance had to vote one of themselves out. Aubry was the first Kama player that was voted out after maintaining a stronghold on the numbers before Manu 2.0 went to tribal council. If Aubry re-enters the game, she will likely have to win immunities in order to make it to the end. Nobody will let such a socially forward player form an alliance.

Reem Daly (UTR1):  Christine Shields Markoski (South Pacific)

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Seriously dude, bro, if Reem is the first one voted out and survives the challenge that is Survivor: Edge of Extinction, give her a million dollars. This will never happen, but both she and Christine have lasted a lot longer than once thought. Big props to both of them.