Survivor: Why was _____ sent to the Edge of Extinction twelfth?

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After Wardog betrayed Wentworth, his fellow tribemates lost trust in him, and he became the twelfth person sent to Survivor’s Edge of Extinction.

For the duration of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, Wardog had been aligned with Wentworth and Lauren. Last week, he decided to betray Wentworth seeing her as the biggest threat. This set in motion a chain of events leading to Wardog being voted out and sent to the Edge of Extinction.

During the fallout of the Wentworth vote, Gavin attempted to talk to Wardog about being excluded from the plan. Wardog talked down to Gavin in response. This only alienated Gavin and caused him to want Wardog out. Meanwhile, Rick proposed an alliance of himself, Ron, and Wardog as he felt they were the three biggest threats.

At the reward challenge, Julie, Rick, Wardog, and Lauren won a trip to the Sabeto mud pits and a feast. While on the reward trip, Julie and Lauren talked together about working against Wardog. Julie and Lauren did not trust him after how he turned his back on the Lesu 3.

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Meanwhile, Rick and Wardog strengthened their bond, rubbing each other with mud from the mud pits. Back at camp, Gavin and Victoria wanted to target Rick before Wardog as they felt he was the more significant threat and discussed the move with Ron and Aurora.

At the immunity challenge, Rick won his second immunity challenge in a row. With Rick no longer available as an option to be voted out, the majority alliance (Gavin, Victoria, Julie, Aurora, and Lauren) needed a new target. Gavin went to work rallying his alliance against Wardog and tried to recruit Ron.

Meanwhile, Wardog tried to rally numbers to vote out Aurora. He tried to recruit Julie, Ron, and Rick to join him. In the end, everybody except Rick joined forces to vote out Wardog. Wardog became the twelfth person sent to the Edge of Extinction by a vote of 6-2.

After last week’s episode, it’s pretty easy to see why Wardog was sent to Survivor’s Edge of Extinction twelfth. When you break a tight three as Wardog did, people are going to have a tough time trusting you after that. This also exposed Wardog as arguably the biggest threat left in the game.

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Additionally, treating people poorly like Wardog did with Gavin is not going to do you any favors. Luckily for Wardog, he will have a chance to get back into the game as he now heads to the Edge of Extinction.