Survivor: Most idols found by a castaway after Edge of Extinction

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Devens’ efforts to find idols lands him in elite Survivor company. We take a look at where Rick ranks among the most idols found in a season and all time.

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for the finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

In this age of Survivor, it’s funny to think of how the first ten seasons didn’t have any idols or secret advantages. Over ten years have passed since then, and we’re now constantly inundated with twists and idols, this season was no different.

With Rick Devens finding idols left, right and center, he has now entered into the record books. In fact, Devens’ four Hidden Immunity Idols in one season is the most anyone has ever found or played! Here’s the updated list.

Most Hidden Immunity Idols found in one season

Four Hidden Immunity Idols:

Rick Devens – Edge of Extinction *(Received one after returning from Extinction Island)

Three Hidden Immunity Idols:

Russell Hantz – Samoa
Tai Trang – Game Changers
Ben Driebergen – Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers
Tony Vlachos – Cagayan
Russell Hantz – Heroes vs Villains *(Received one from J.T.)

Two Hidden Immunity Idols:

Malcolm Freberg – Caramoan
Reynold Toepfer – Caramoan
Tyson Apostol – Blood vs. Water
Jon Misch – San Juan del Sur
Jeremy Collins – Cambodia
Kelley Wentworth – Cambodia
David Wright – Millennials vs. Gen X
Adam Klein – Millennials vs. Gen X
Joe Mena – Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
Michael Yerger – Ghost Island
Dan Rengering – David vs. Goliath
Davie Rickenbacker – David vs. Goliath
Ryan Ulrich – Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers *(One idol could only be used at the first Tribal)
James Clement – China *(Received one from Todd Herzog)
Parvati Shallow – Heroes vs Villains *(Received one from Russell Hantz)

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It’s crazy that Rick has surpassed Survivor legends such as Russell and Tony. Is it because Rick is just that good, or is this record a result of production overloading on idols? I’m leaning towards the latter, especially considering one was given to Rick after returning from the Edge of Extinction.

That said, Devens deserves to be on this list for his determination to spend as much time as he possibly could to search for Hidden Immunity Idols. Rick made his way on the all-time idol list as well. Here are the updated standings.

Hidden Immunity Idols found over a Survivor career

1. Russell Hantz: Five idols, possessed six (Samoa: three, Heroes vs. Villains: found two, one received from J.T.)

T-2. Tai Trang: Four idols (Kaoh Rong: one, Game Changers: three)

T-2. Rick Devens: Four idols (Edge of Extinction: four)

T-4. Malcolm Freberg: Three idols (Philippines: one, Caramoan: two)

T-4. Tony Vlachos: Three idols (Cagayan: three)

T-4. Ben Driebergen: Three idols (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers: three)

T-4. Kelley Wentworth: Three idols (Cambodia: two, Edge of Extinction: one)

8. Parvati Shallow: Found two, possessed three (Micronesia: one, Heroes vs. Villains: two)

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Not only did Rick match Tai’s idol count for second place all-time, but Wentworth was also able to crack the top five. Russell is still at the top, but that can change fast with a possible all-returnee season following Island of the Idols.