Stephen Fishbach might make a Survivor Dungeons & Dragons podcast


One of the knowingest Survivor Know-it-Alls, Stephen Fishbach is asking Survivor fans who they would like to see play in a Dungeons & Dragons podcast.

We’re just over a week into the Survivor offseason, and it already feels like a million months away until the greatest reality competition makes its way back onto television. Seeing Chris and Bret from Millennials vs. Gen X compete on The Amazing Race 31 is a modest stopgap, but it’s not quite the same (even though Bret navigating a silent rave is a hilarious picture).

Something that brings some members of the Survivor community together is gaming. Whether it’s professional players like Kenny Huang, obsessed League of Legends players like Peih-Gee Law or cosplayers like Davie Rickenbacker, there is an inherent interest in games for Survivor players after competing in what is the greatest reality-based game on television.

That leads us to Stephen Fishbach. He’s talked about his love of Dungeons & Dragons in the past, but now he’s seemingly interested in bringing his talents to the greater community at large. He is fielding interest from Survivor players to join him in a possible podcast called “Surviving D&D,” as mentioned on his Twitter account.

For The Wizard to already have Coach “Dragonslayer” Wade onboard is certainly going to move the needle quickly, as there is already a ton of interest generated in the tweet thread. Christian Hubicki asked which edition he’d roll, Ken Hoang jokingly (maybe earnestly) suggested rolling a Rogue, Jacob Derwin would 100% be in and Courtney Yates offered up the opportunity to make fun of everyone.

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As someone who’s about to embark on DM’ing their own tabletop RPG campaign, it would be a huge task to undergo for Stephen Fishbach, especially if he manages to play over online interactions via services like Roll 20 or software like Tabletop Simulator. However, should this happen, it would easily be one of the most fun ventures for Survivor players completed outside of competing in the game itself.