Survivor Edge of Extinction: Should Julie Rosenberg return?

One of the oldest players in Survivor Edge of Extinction, Julie Rosenberg won two Immunity Challenges while receiving just one vote overall. Should she return?

Often in Survivor, you will see a story of a player being a fish out of water, making it all the way to the end despite all odds. Despite having received so few votes, Julie Rosenberg juggled many different voting blocs, partnerships and confidants that making it to the end is no minor victory.

Despite having minimal outdoors experience, she had the safety of Kama’s impeccable immunity run in the first half to avoid going to Tribal Council until the merge. It was a massive relief as when we saw anybody but Joe try to crab, fish or forage in the woods (including Julie with the basket), it was a rough ordeal.

It was at the merge that Julie started to shine. No longer was she merely talking about men finding Hidden Immunity Idols; she was earning the first of a few Immunity Necklaces to kick off the post-merge phase, earning a power spot within Kama. Unfortunately, when Gavin and Julia turned against the powers that be and took out Eric, Julie held onto Ron and powered forward.

She held true to him as long as he could and started to throw her weight into the game at the next Tribal Council, showing distrust in her alliance and playing into Rick’s suggestion to take out one of the power players in the Kama majority. She disassembled Julia’s recently-obtained power and forced everyone’s hands into voting against Julia, showing the kind of determination you don’t often find at a Tribal Council.

Julie expanded her network of players to work with on a spa reward, especially bonding with Lauren. This turned into an especially important moment at the Final Six, as Lauren wanted to keep Julie around rather than Ron and Aurora down the line. Even with her being the next logical vote, Julie found herself a new group and held on.

After Chris came back into the game, Julie seemed to be the least threatening commodity despite winning her second individual immunity. As she strolled to the end, her emotionally vulnerable game (which allowed her to remain safe and take out Julia) was not rewarded by the jury, finishing in third place.

Julie Rosenberg brought a loving, caring perspective to a game that asks everyone to be as self-involved as possible. Vote here in our straw poll and let us know if she should return in a future Survivor season.