Survivor SA Island of Secrets: Three key takeaways from episode 7

Another twist changes things up on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets, giving a few players the perfect opportunity to make a big move.

At the end of last week’s episode of Survivor SA: Island of Secrets, the episode 7 promo teased us with another twist. Despite the thoughts of it being a surprisingly early merge, the three tribes are now two, not one.

The best part about having another tribe shake-up is the impact it has on the gameplay. There are several conflicting allegiances, and it’s exciting to find out who wants to align with who. It’s the perfect recipe for big moves and fluid gameplay, and this week’s episode proved it! Here are three key takeaways from episode 7 of Island of Secrets.

1) Rob is taking over, with Mike looming in his shadow

At the beginning of the game, it appeared that Rob was out there for friendship and loyalty as opposed to quality gameplay. Boy has that changed! Rob was able to skillfully shift the target onto Rocco instead of Laetitia, and he did so in a subtle, reasonable way. He recognizes the need to get a big threat like Rocco out of here before the merge comes.

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It was interesting to learn that Nathan and Mike were tight, so it was no shocker that Mike stuck with Rob. We continue to see Mike’s solid understanding of how to play this game, as he kept his options open by agreeing with both Rocco’s plan and Rob’s. Although Rob is coming off as the kingpin, Mike is playing a great game under the shadows, keeping his threat level low until he needs to make a move.

2) The war between Geoffrey and Danté has begun!

As this season progresses, Geoffrey has went from being Mike’s sidekick to becoming a strong, strategic player. It looks like he’s been starting to connect with Nathan and Nicole on the new Sa’ula in addition to Mmaba and Durão from his original tribe.

On the other side of things, Danté is continuing to play an aggressive game. After stealing the flint last episode, this time he claimed that Nicole is in possession of a full idol, not a half. Although Geoffrey wasn’t buying it, ironically, Danté was dead on with his gamble.

Who knows, Meryl might even be willing to play her idol for Danté if the need arises? All I can say is I can’t wait until Sa’ula goes to Tribal Council because the power struggle in this tribe is heating up!

3) Seipei is entering dangerous territory

I put Seipei high on my power rankings heading into episode 7 because of the strong relationships she has built. This entire season, she has walked a fine line between being a strong player and a bossy leader.

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Her touchy speech in front of her new tribe members doesn’t help her situation, nor does her poor challenge performance. However, she still escaped the vote unscathed and has the potential to make strong moves if she contains her powerful personality.