Survivor Edge of Extinction: Ranking the top five Tribal Councils

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Kelley Wentworth voted out Survivor Edge of Extinction

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Whether you’re a fan of Survivor: Edge of Extinction or not, there’s no denying that there were several exhilarating Tribal Councils throughout the season.

One of the highlights from Survivor: Edge of Extinction was the savvy and advanced gameplay. For the first time, new players schooled returnees, creating perhaps the most fluid season ever. Voting blocs took over, leading to blindside after blindside, resulting in constantly shifting allegiances. That led to several memorable votes, five of which we will discuss below.

The criteria for this list does feature idol plays and Tribal Council theatrics, but that’s not the driving force. Social relationships and strategic moves make Survivor the legendary show it is, so Tribal Councils that showcase expert gameplay rank higher on this list. Without further ado, here are the top five Tribal Councils from Edge of Extinction.

5) Wardog blindsides Wentworth

When returning players fell in this season, they went down hard! The Lesu 3, composed of Lauren, Wentworth, and Wardog voted together for eight straight Tribal Councils! That rarely ever happens in Survivor, so the assumption was that Wentworth, Lauren, and Wardog were tight.

Despite Wardog’s intentional efforts to present himself as an unintelligent player, there’s no doubting that he was among the smartest of the cast. Even without the knowledge that Wentworth had an idol in his pocket, he knew that he had to be stealth about voting her out.

His series of 30-second conversations with Devens, Victoria and Aurora worked like a charm. After spending more time to get Ron on his side, the plan was set for Tribal Council. It wasn’t that this Tribal Council was filled with theatrics, it was the anticipation that made it exciting.

When you hear Wentworth talking about her position in the game, you’re wondering the whole time if her spidey senses are going to kick in. That didn’t happen, as Wardog pulled off a perfectly executed blindside. As great as this move was, Wardog got his torch snuffed the next Tribal, which is why it’s ranked number five and not any higher.

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