Survivor Edge of Extinction: These are the players you want to see return


We asked you, the fans, which of the Survivor: Edge of Extinction players you’d like to see return in a future season. Here are the results of each poll!

Whether or not you like to see returning players in Survivor seasons, CBS is going to bring them back at some point in the future. It’s an inevitability whether you want it to happen or not, so after each season, we ask about each season’s players on an individual basis and ask you to answer a question; would you like to see (player) in a future returning player season?

We’ve posed this question to you, the reader, for each of the 18 players in Edge of Extinction (including the four players who were already returning players), and got some interesting results. Despite tagging all the players with our tweets so that everyone has a chance to share out their poll (compared to just a handful skewing the results in previous years), the results are more divisive than ever.

Here are the results of our Survivor: Edge of Extinction returning players poll, as of press time:

As you can see, there are only three players in our Survivor: Edge of Extinction returning players poll with more than 70% support for either yes or no. Keith Sowell is the most decisive “no” I’ve seen in any post-season survey, and very rarely have we seen anybody polling higher than 85% votes for or against in any of these polls. Just Rick and Julie has more than 75% of people saying yes, as well.

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Considering there were so many players hidden in the edit in favor for players we’ve seen two or three times finish in 10th place or worse, there were a ton of editing problems that prevented us from fully understanding many of these characters. An option off the table; I would love to see Reem Daly become the official CBS exit interviewer. Anything to get her hot takes on the players as they leave the game!