Survivor’s Bret LaBelle can’t stop finding The Amazing Race 31’s coins

Photo: CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Croatian coins were quite bothersome to Bret LaBelle and Chris Hammons in The Amazing Race 31, but they keep showing up around the Bostonian Survivor player.

Spoilers for The Amazing Race 31 and the finishing placements for Survivor teams.

It’s hard to be a returning player of a CBS reality competition program competing on a show you’re unfamiliar with heading into play. Bret LaBelle and Chris Hammons had days, not weeks or months, to prepare for The Amazing Race 31 despite being on Survivor prior. In fact, Eliza Orlins and Corinne Kaplan, as well as Rupert and Laura Boneham, had the same experience.

The show brought reality fandoms together to compete in The Amazing Race format, which showed its strength for the people who had competed on the show prior. The final leg saw only All-Star teams show up, as the Big Brother and Survivor teams had fallen to the wayside.

What did Team Bromance in was a Detour in Croatia, in which the team flip-flopped between competitions more times than most teams have ever switched between Detour options in the show’s history. One task required teams to collect doubloons on a Croatian beach, which proved impossible for any team. However, Bret found them at Cape Cod in a tweet a few weeks ago!

It seems like the doubloons weren’t only found there. As Bret tweeted out days later, he also found some coins from Croatia as change at Dunkin’. Boy, does it ever make it more transparent what the cafe is about by shortening the previous title of “Dunkin’ Donuts!”

Despite Team Bromance being in the lead by the time they were searching for the Croatian coins, they ultimately had to move on to the other Detour. It’s unfortunate, as it seems like these things are everywhere, including his cousin’s candy store in Rhode Island.

Not only are they so plentiful, but it appears as though everyone loves to receive them! You can even use them to tip bartenders who will definitely not give you the finger in the background!

It finally led to a solid conclusion, with Leo of the Afghanimals getting help from Bret LaBelle to open up his safe only to find two more Croatian coins! We also saw Eliza Orlins rolling her eyes and clapping just like in The Amazing Race 31’s finale and Brittney Haynes searching for a rolex delicacy.

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It might not be as funny if you didn’t watch The Amazing Race 31, which is a sign that you might as well take it all in. It’s a great showcase of 11 teams across CBS reality shows and solidified the notion both Bret LaBelle and Chris Hammons should come back to Survivor or whatever else will take them!