Survivor: Libby Vincek explores the world in The Local Traveler in Thailand

Part documentary, bigger part Thailand tourism commercial, The Local Traveler in Thailand sees Survivor’s Libby Vincek live with the locals in the country.

This may be a bit of surprise to some, but Survivor used to visit locations around the world to highlight different cultures and support various local economies around the world. I know, that doesn’t sound like the bare minimum to do, using the same three Fijian beaches over and over again while throwing as many advantages and twists. Yes, it sounds less tired than what we have today!

Thailand was one of the first few countries the show has visited in its early years, producing one of the more reprehensible winners in the show’s history. Many of the challenges evoked the culture of the country, including its Final Immunity Challenge, but we didn’t get to see enough of the location outside of its camps.

That’s where Libby Vincek comes in. Once deemed a major threat the likes we’ve never seen before in Survivor: Ghost Island (an odd descriptor, to be sure), she now serves as host of a new film available now on Amazon’s Prime Video called The Local Traveler in Thailand. You can see the trailer for the film below.

Travel Documentary “The Local Traveler in Thailand” Premiere Presented by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Dreamjobbing featured female traveller Libby Vincek who had an eye-opening trip of a lifetime in Thailand. She spent three whole weeks travelling solo to many places in Thailand, from Bangkok to the Northeast and the South, including southern fisherman village of Tong Tom Yai and so much more. For the entire time, Libby stayed with the locals, learning, mingling, and having all the fun. She got it bad when it comes to the country's sceneries, delicious foods, people's generosity and, best of all, the warmth in her heart that produced a lifelong friendship. Her whole experience was documented, and the film is going to be featured on Amazon Prime’s video on demand streaming site as well as on iTunes in over 40 different countries including Thailand later this summer.#AmazingThailand

Posted by Amazing Thailand on Saturday, June 29, 2019

The journey sees Libby explore the ins and outs of Thailand on a local level, meeting up and staying with people who live in the country in order to get a better understanding of the modern and historical culture. Whether it’s praying in a temple, scuba diving, helping to save the crab population or taking part in rarely shared dancing ceremonies, Libby experienced it all.

Of course, it’s not hard to see the big “Dreamjobbing Media” logo at the end to realize that the former Survivor player is using this opportunity to have an expenses-paid trip as part of a Tourism Thailand business exchange. Still, it’s part of an Amazon Prime subscription to watch, so you can check it out if that’s the kind of thing that interests you.