CBS hires new casting executive Claudia Lyon, may oversee Survivor’s contestants


Though Jesse Tannenbaum remains head of Survivor casting alongside associates and Jeff Probst, there may be a new person giving the O.K. at CBS.

Ever since Jeff Probst became the showrunner of Survivor alongside his executive producer title, there was typically one person above him who could say yes or no to anyone the show wanted to cast; Les Moonves. Since his disgraced ouster from the company, however, CBS has undergone a restructuring, looking to solve its problems with its executive corporate culture.

Though the dynamic between Probst and CBS has been unclear since the former CEO left the company, we have an idea who may oversee these decisions. As reported by DeadlineClaudia Lyon has been hired as EVP of Talent and Casting, overseeing “all talent and casting operations for CBS Entertainment’s primetime and daytime programming, limited series, alternative programs and specials.”

Claudia’s primary efforts will be finding the right actors and personalities to lead their major scripted programming, as she has found talent for some of ABC’s top primetime comedies and dramas in the past. However, overseeing “all talent and casting operations” seems to indicate that she will be someone to sign off on shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race.

For what it’s worth, modern Survivor casting hasn’t been much of an issue, although recent seasons have been fairly strong. Perhaps Game Changers was a bit middling, but Fiji has introduced great characters from all walks of life, with some of the best seasons providing a diverse group of people all ready to play the game hard.

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Since Claudia Lyon is overseeing casting as of now, you shouldn’t expect to make comparisons until casting for Survivor seasons 41 and 42. As we reported earlier in the week, casting producers and associates won’t be looking at tapes until August 5, so now is the perfect time to get cracking on your audition tape! You now have an idea who will give you the final say (if you make it to Finals).