Russell Hantz making videos about Survivor, eating watermelon for 8 days

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Some of the best Survivor content creators are those who previously played the game. Russell Hantz has a more scattershot approach with his YouTube.

Though people have been blogging, forum-posting, and reporting about Survivor for many years, it’s been the advent of podcasting and video content options such as YouTube that has seen the quality of Survivor content flourish. It’s in those mediums you can listen or watch that help (without ruin) distract you on your drive to work or during your workout.

While meaty, opinionated blogging content mixed in with multimedia is the best, balanced approach, one way that former Survivor players can get in on the action and best engage with their fans is to create videos. While podcasting used to supplement his variety, Russell Hantz has picked up creating more video content lately, although not everything is related to the island-based competition.

In fact, he’s starting to even get into opinionated list content, recently providing a video of the top 10 players he believes are currently in a situation where they will never play again. This is based on what he thinks he knows from sources within the community, as well as his personal opinions on their placement.

The video certainly has its charm to it, as you can see it’s just Russell Hantz with a cell phone pointed at himself and using a basic, free video editing software to intercut photos of players. The list order can be a bit suspect considering there are some conflicts of interest (especially considering a winner was placed behind a family member on the winner’s winning season).

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However, if there’s anything that Russell Hantz provides as an entertainer, it’s the raw, uncut, honest approach to providing whatever thoughts are currently in his head at the time, whether you want to hear it or not. He does provide reasons for his entries, including some factors I hadn’t even considered (even if they make sense upon reflection), but it also features heavy hearsay.

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One thing you’ll also get with the Russell Hantz Experience™, however, is a lot of randomness within his video vault. I’ve seen others try to carve their niche unsuccessfully on YouTube over the years but chasing challenges like only eating watermelon for eight days straight and confirming your place of home in a “double rainbow” video seems a bit haphazard.