Survivor Thailand: Most memorable moments from season five

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Survivor: Thailand was the fifth season in the series, and for the most part, it was an incredibly underwhelming season in the show’s history. What were the most memorable moments?

Between a blah cast and predictable post-merge, Survivor: Thailand still sits in my bottom tier of seasons for most people to this day. The cast didn’t have any likable players, and both the pre-merge and post-merge were disappointing. It was the first true not so good season in the show’s history.

Even with the lack of excitement in the show’s fifth season, it still had its fair share of memorable moments. From Robb choking Clay (and the Attack Zone challenge in general) to picking tribes on Day 1 to asking if anyone wanted to jump ship and join the other tribe to the fake merge, there was quite a bit to unpack in season five.

It shows how lackluster this cast was that only Shii Ann has returned to a future season to represent this group. No one has been back from season five since Shii Ann appeared on All-Stars in 2004. Survivor: Thailand wasn’t great, but it still has that nostalgia from the older seasons, and that made it more enjoyable than some other seasons for sure.

Survivor: Thailand aired in 2002, and while it’s not the most exciting season in the show’s 19-year history, it did have some memorable moments. Let’s take a look at the four moments that have lived on with the season since it aired 17 years ago.

Ted and Ghandia incident

Unfortunately one of Survivor: Thailand‘s most memorable moments was an unfortunate incident that occurred in the third episode of the season. I won’t go into too much detail due to the situation but had this happened in a current season, it’d have been handled and looked at from an entirely different perspective.