Australian Survivor 2019 week 4 power rankings: Idols and clashes

Photo: Nigel Wright / Ten Network
Photo: Nigel Wright / Ten Network /

With one-third of the cast out of the running, this week’s power rankings aim to peer into the course of Australian Survivor 2019 as it heads to the merge.

16. Casey

Once the Contenders finally go to Tribal Council again, the 5-4 numbers advantage would only be thwarted if Harry plays an idol on himself. Judging Australian Survivor 2019 editing habits, Casey’s relative absence and constant sitting out / underperforming will see her targeted.

15. Simon

While Simon is a strong dude and part of a numbers alliance on the Contenders, should that idol be played, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is targeted for Harry and others’ votes. If you can balance the numbers, might as well take a challenge threat.

14. Hannah

With Sarah gone, it’s just Andy and Hannah at the bottom of the Champions tribe. Hannah’s been shaded by the edit, too, as her allies are few and far between.

13. Daisy

A preview of this coming episode sees Shaun finally (finally) figuring out he was given a fake idol by David, with him going over to Daisy at a challenge and relaying the truth and telling her to vote out David. However, with both David and Luke in possession of idols, it’s possible we could see Daisy idoled out this week should she execute and misfire.

12. Andy

His superfan status remains unquestioned (he only brings it up half the time), but Andy’s actual Australian Survivor skills are middling at best. He’s been strung along by David, but he’s also kept around due to his dexterity and puzzle-solving prowess so far.

11. Ross

The “bumble through the game” edit continues with Rossco, who has proven himself lately in aquatic-based challenges. However, I’ve never seen such a comic character undercut so hard in the edit. Should his time come this week, I expect a massive blunder.

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10. Baden

Since Baden brought Shaun to the Champions cookout, I bet he would go with his and Daisy’s wishes to target David and Luke once they find out about being bamboozled. However, I feel like either Daisy or Baden could be targeted in an idol play scenario, as Baden is viewed as a weak link.

9. Shaun

If the Contenders go to Tribal Council, I feel Shaun is relatively safe simply due to the fact he is a strong player that will keep the tribe away from Tribal Council going forward. He would be the guy you take out second or third in a 5-4 majority.

8. Pia

Though she’s in a core OG Champions women group on the new Contenders tribe, she’s received the most votes of anyone left in Australian Survivor 2019. Since her name has been thrown out, I would presume an idol play could take out someone who is a weaker player. However, her edit is too good early on.

7. David

The Golden God was lucky enough that it took Shaun, what, a week to look at his fake idol? Daisy will likely target David if they go back to Tribal Council before the merge, but he and Luke have an idol each to keep them safe.

6. Janine

Janine has found herself in a great position. She holds her own in challenges, she has the numbers on her tribe, and she has shown great social play by giving David the tools to implode his game. She’s positioned well for the late-game.

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5. Matt

Matt is the kind of guy that you take out at the merge instead of before it. Just like Joe Anglim has proven time and time again, you coast on his strength until it no longer serves you. An added mitigating factor is his wrestling heel-like arrogance that has caught the ire of opponents.

4. Abbey

A strong competitor, Abbey is well-positioned for the early merge but might become too much a threat later on. However, she is bridging gaps with the Champions on her Contenders tribe, so hopefully, she can nurture those bonds going forward.

3. John

Everybody loves The Mullet, and nobody’s really upset with him flipping on the Contenders. Harry might come after him later, but he’s also not in a position to take revenge (basically), so he’s relatively safe.

2. Harry

He’s gone and pulled off a Ben Driebergen and retrieve a suspiciously-timed Hidden Immunity Idol. Even if the Champions on his tribe want to vote him out, he has a power in his pocket, and he’s not afraid to use it.

1. Luke Toki

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Look at what we have here; Luke Toki creepin’ his way up to the top of our Australian Survivor 2019 Week 4 power rankings. Everyone loves him, he’s separated from David’s betrayal, he has a Hidden Immunity Idol in his possession and (thankfully) he hasn’t been over-edited early to overshadow the other players on his tribe.