Australian Survivor 2019 week 5 power rankings: Close to a merge

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We’re close to halfway through Australian Survivor 2019, as our week 5 power rankings look at who’s a threat to go home before the tribes merge into one.

14. Harry

Dirty Harry has planted the biggest target on his back by playing an idol on himself and naming Janine as the Godmother. Now with Matt as the only other original Contenders player on his side and the merge approaching, the trio of women on his tribe will want him gone sooner rather than later.

13. Matt

Speaking of the merge, we’ve seen the original Contenders eat themselves alive, with Matt being the most vocal proponent of playing with the strongest, no matter what. However, it’s because of his arrogance and his strength that he may be targeted next if the Contenders head to Tribal Council again.

12. Andy

We’ve seen the next Australian Survivor 2019 episode preview of Andy trying to throw the next Immunity Challenge with the express intention of voting David out. However, with a “shock exit” teased for Sunday’s episode and Andy targeting the Golden God points to an idol play and somebody else going home. It could very well be him.

11. Simon

Though I doubt Simon is in immediate danger of going home, he’s still a non-entity in the game outside of one impressive challenge performance.

10. Luke

Another possibility of the “shock exit” is that an idol is played, but the votes are placed on the King of the Jungle. The focus this season has been decidedly more on David as a villain with less on Luke, as his influence in the game seems more diminished than it once was.

9. Baden

Once a meager man who potentially could have gone home second, Baden has found himself within a core voting group while remaining on the bottom of power. That can set himself up for better merge flexibility, but he has to get there first.

8. Ross

Perhaps the leakiest, messiest player of the game, Rossco is a lovable, entertaining character. However, his “Wild Card, bitches!” style of play could be his undoing, and he still isn’t at the core of strategic conversations.

7. Daisy

Though she’s not in a romantic relationship with him, Daisy’s partnership with self-described “work husband” Shaun is going to keep her safe for now. However, the further they both get into the game, the bigger target both of them will receive.

6. Janine

Though she’s done a good job at downplaying her status as The Godmother of her tribe, Janine has played an excellent game so far. It all depends on who makes it to the merge in determining if her temporary nickname becomes a permanent one.

5. Pia

Just like Baden, Pia has come into her own after being an early candidate to be voted out of the game. She’s not too much of a detriment in challenges, she’s heavily involved in strategy, and she has plenty of threats in strength and the social game ahead of her.

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4. Abbey

Though she could have gone home had Casey not imploded her own game with Harry’s idol play, Abbey doesn’t have to worry about that right now. She’s still a strong woman and a loyal ally who’s willing to take on big threats no matter which tribe they originated.

3. Shaun

The Horse is the kind of guy you take out at the merge due to his challenge prowess, but Shaun hasn’t made that many waves outside of directly targeting David. The two are in a heated match-up right now, and David will likely play an idol if he has to, but I don’t think David and Luke will have the votes necessary to take him out.

2. David

Without a Hidden Immunity Idol, David would be much lower on our Australian Survivor 2019 week 5 power rankings. Not only did he take advantage of the gift of first dibs in finding the idol, but he also played into the emotional core of his tribe and sold himself out as a sad dad seeing his family for the first time. David is one of the top characters this show has seen across any international version over the past few years.

1. John

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John does right by everyone else, he’s in good with everyone, he doesn’t rustle any feathers, and he’s a great provider. He could be destined for the long haul if he finds the right group at the merge.