Survivor casting tips: Send in only one audition tape per cycle

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Unless Survivor casting wants you to reshoot an audition tape (usually a good sign), sending in multiple videos is only going to hurt your chances.

Despite being a Canadian citizen who, for the longest time, couldn’t apply to Survivor, our site receives a lot of DMs, Facebook messages and more asking very basic Survivor casting questions that are seemingly common sense. In an effort to reduce the number of times I have to type out the basics, I’m expanding casting tips content, so I can link stories out quickly rather than repeat the same things over and over again.

One of the most common questions I’ve been receiving so far is questions over some being contacted early rather than them. More specifically, I’ve seen concerns that because they haven’t been contacted within two weeks of the months-long Survivor casting process that they should post their audition tape one more time, or even send in another audition tape.

Though it seems like common sense not to do this, let me be clear; do not send casting more than one audition tape per casting cycle unless they ask you to. For some players, it takes months before they get contacted within one cycle, let alone get carried through to the next stages. Hell, Davie Rickenbacker was contacted for season 37, got pushed back then got called into David vs. Goliath days before filming started.

If you don’t get contacted months down the line, you’re one of the thousands who receive the same fate each year.

Attention- please read carefully. For all of you who have sent me a video or email in one format, please do not follow…

Posted by Jodi Wincheski on Monday, August 20, 2018

If that is the case, please wait until next year before sending in another audition tape. The reason being is casting producers get spammed entries across all matters of communication. As Jodi Wincheski explained last year, she received some people’s audition tapes repeatedly across email, IM, Twitter, Instagram, and other avenues.

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Sending in multiple videos tells casting that you have no patience and don’t respect their time. If they feel like you’re not respecting their time, then they’re that much more likely to pass on you year after year after year. Simply put, even if you’re planning to live up to a villain archetype on Survivor, it’s no excuse to be one in real life.