Survivor: Marty Piambo AMA talks Mortgage-gate, almost returning


Almost a decade after Survivor Nicaragua aired on television, Marty Piombo answered some Reddit AMA questions including the infamous Mortgage-gate.

You would be surprised at the number of rumors involving Survivor players that people take at face value just because somebody made up a rumor on Survivor Sucks more than a decade ago. People still believe salacious rumors about a Fiji contestant at Ponderosa because Chaos Kass allegedly spread it before going on the show.

One of the long-standing rumors about Survivor: Nicaragua is about an alleged promise from Sash to pay off Jane’s mortgage in exchange for a jury vote. It’s partially the reason why we don’t see videos of castaways’ messages as they vote off players anymore, as the headache of trying to find out what happened didn’t seem worth the effort for producers.

Thankfully, we have players like Marty Piombo to answer questions surrounding that and other things from Survivor: Nicaragua, as his Reddit AMA was an illuminating refresher on an interesting season. He specifically called out Jane on trying to get an edge in the game, calling the move bulls—.

I was glad to hear that although the jury was upset about the double quit in the jury phase, nobody had too much animosity at Ponderosa towards Na’onka and Purple Kelly. He had a lot of love for Dr. Jill, who he hoped to win out of anybody on the season and someone he still stays in close contact with over the years.

Unsurprisingly, we saw Marty answer many questions about his rivalry with Jane, who he still cannot fathom why won America’s Player. He would still bury his animosity if it meant being cast on a “rivals” kind of season, and he joked about how Jane getting bit by a scorpion was one of his favorite moments of being out in Nicaragua.

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I hope that we get the chance to see Marty Piombo back in a future season, as he has been close to being cast on a returning player season apparently four separate times. Maybe we can get another fan vote like Second Chances going in the future?