Australian Survivor 2019 week 6 power rankings: Contenders out-championed

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The Contenders continue their nonstop onslaught of throwing away their numbers advantage in our latest Australian Survivor 2019 power rankings.

11. Shaun

Unless Shaun wins every single Immunity Challenge this week or idols his way to safety, he should be voted out sometime in the first full merge week of Australian Survivor 2019. I would be absolutely shocked if he makes it through the week.

10. Daisy

Because Daisy made herself out to look like a challenge beast and is paired with the biggest target in the game, she will likely be the next Contender to be voted out. She burned through all the power she received at the merge.

9. Harry

With the Contenders currently sitting at a numbers disadvantage, it will be interesting to see where Harry’s relationship with The Godmother, Janine, lies. I’m willing to think she will throw him under the bus before turning on her own like David.

8. Baden

Though he’s nobody’s first target at the moment, we don’t see enough of Baden’s perspective. Who’s his closest ally? What is his relationship with the members of his swapped tribe alliance? Why did he seem so content in voting out his original tribe members to this degree?

7. John

Though I love the biggest Mexican parma stan on Australian Survivor 2019, I fear for his threat level and his relatively downplayed social status. You don’t see him offer much more than rudimentary strategy befitting Survivor Borneo, as he was pissed at Andy for throwing a challenge to get out a threat bigger than himself.

6. Simon

I was shocked that Simon got a merge confessional. That’s not a given, even with longer episode runtimes. He’s still the bottom of the former Athletes alliance and the bottom rung of the Champions.

5. Luke

I still fear Luke being the vote split target in an attempt to get rid of David, but other than that, Luke is a well-liked individual across tribal lines. He’s a good dude that many players who were voted out wants to see win the game. That shows an incredible level of social capital.

4. David

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Perhaps one of the greatest villains in Australian Survivor history (let alone the franchise at large), David is charming smarm personified. He has shown control in most Tribal Councils he’s attended, but he’s on the Champions women trio’s radar as the biggest threat in the game. He does have an idol to keep him safe (for now).

3. Janine

The Godmother is in an excellent place if her biggest rival is on her side. She has one enemy she keeps close and the rest of the Champions like her a lot, plus there are a great number of threats ahead of her. Even though she is seen as Pia’s meat shield, that seems like a shield for the late game.

2. Abbey

Despite being one of the most athletic players in the game, Abbey’s such a pure-hearted soul that she gets overlooked a lot in the game. She finds it hard to vote out players she likes and respects outside of the game, and it’s with that empathy she can use to her power as the game progresses.

1. Pia

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I don’t think I’ve seen such a telegraphed winner’s edit in Australian Survivor quite like this. Even if she doesn’t outright win, she seems poised for the long game, as she’s on nobody’s radar, has crossover reach with her social game, can hold her own when it comes to puzzles and dextrous challenges, and is in deep with the numbers and in a core sub-alliance.