Survivor casting Canadians once again for seasons 41 and 42


The rules seem to be a bit more relaxed this time around, as Survivor casting will be looking at audition tapes from Canadians for both seasons 41 and 42.

Last year, ET Canada shocked the Survivor fandom in the Great White North by having Jeff Probst announce that Canadians would become part of the Survivor season 39 casting pool. The audition process was particular, as it required making an unlisted audition tape uploaded to YouTube with specific outlines and an email sent to a separate source outside of US casting.

More importantly, the wording on the Survivor casting website back then specifically listed season 39, leading some to believe that bringing Canadians on would be part of a season theme. However, with Island of the Idols being a standard newbie season with legendary winners as coaches, perhaps it was just an indication that season 40 cannot have Canadians on it for some reason.

Regardless, those wondering if Survivor casting Canadians was a one-time thing can breathe a sigh of relief. The ET Canada Twitter account reposted last year’s announcement video, but their updated tweet indicates that Canadians will be eligible for both seasons 41 and 42 in the upcoming casting cycle.

The website states that you need to have US or Canadian citizenship in addition to at least a US or Canadian passport. This means if you are a permanent resident in either country, especially in Canada, which has a different set of immigration policies than the US, you still cannot apply for Survivor for this casting cycle.

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Though I’m glad to hear that more of North America is represented on the CBS program, I’m a bit disappointed that CBS is the one casting Canadians. Unless there’s been a secret version of the show that was filmed somewhere in the world this past year, I’d love to see Survivor Canada exist rather than see Canadians fighting to scrape for one or two spots with Americans.