Survivor: Reem Daly Reddit AMA provides an Edge of Extinction deep dive

No Survivor player knows the Edge of Extinction better than Reem Daly. She participated in a Reddit AMA, answering all sorts of questions about the Edge.

Though each individual’s journey through Survivor is unique to them, there are some universal experiences that everybody goes through in the game. Starvation, facing the elements, removing yourself from society without technology; these are universals even Wanda and Jonathan felt in Palau. 

However, Edge of Extinction is a hellscape that nobody knew more intimately than Reem Daly; the first castaway voted out of the season with the same name. Her perspective is crucial to understanding that experience, so she provided it with her Reddit AMA, answering questions about her and others she played with that season.

One thing I had wondered about Reem’s time on the Edge was what she could do or say in the first few days alone, as she revealed the camera operators didn’t talk to her even though she spoke to herself a great deal. She showed sympathy for both Wendy and Keith who quit the game, as she attested there was a lot of thought put into the decision before making it.

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As the mayor of Survivor’s Edge of Extinction, it was the raw descriptions of the place that had me intrigued. You saw it on television, but the way Reem described the raw nothingness of the shelter and what was available made it clear just how terrible it was. While creating makeshift chess helped pass the time, Reem said the first half of the game, surprisingly, was worse than the second half.

In any other season, Reem Daly wouldn’t become a smarmy one-liner machine like she was on Survivor: Edge of Extinction, and she helped sell the legitimacy of the twist. She has become a fixture as the player who welcomed everyone to the purgatory that would face them all, offering up a hilarious line for almost everyone who joined her.

I’d love to see Reem come back in a “first boot” season, and she would be willing to come back to the show. However, just don’t ask her about her strategy; she’s keeping the cards close to the chest on that one!