Australian Survivor 2019 week 7 power rankings: Script flip

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With a 5-3 Champions majority heading into Australian Survivor 2019 week 7, those on the bottom have the perfect opportunity to seize power.

8. Simon

An enigma onto us all, Simon is present and active in the game yet remains a shroud of mystery. Who are his allies? Who will take him to the end? What game moves has he made other than that one really good Immunity Challenge performance? He hasn’t had a chance to win for weeks.

7. Daisy

After finding her second idol and playing it incorrectly for the second time (both cases after the merge), Daisy’s reads have been god awful. Her closest allies have been voted out, and the remaining Contenders have closer ties to individual members of the Champions. Even if she can swing a counter alliance, she remains on the bottom of that group, in my opinion.

6. Harry

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Dirty Harry has been one of the more surprising players of Australian Survivor 2019. Ever so cocky since the start, he has escaped the wrath of Janine to show reluctant partnership with her as the Contenders eat themselves alive. However, he’s caught between a rock and a hard place now that he’s recently received votes and is a target of the Champions.

5. Janine

The biggest threat in the game right now is not Luke, but Janine. She has an incredible way of manipulating others to do what she wants while being publicly titled The Godmother, yet people seem to do what she wants. She will likely be targeted this week, but her core group of three will be hard to overcome with Simon being so loyal to her this far.

4. Baden

Of all the remaining Contenders, Baden has the best shot to continue past the week. He’s been playing the middle throughout the entirety of Australian Survivor this season, and now has the potential to link with Luke, a budding ally on the other side of the fence, to potentially take out The Godmother. He’s likely the last Contender to be voted out (if that even happens).

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3. Luke

Either the Contenders flip the script and use Luke to take out the Godmother (something I still find to be a misdirect) or most will be removed this week. Both scenarios see Luke benefit, as I think he would be targeted after a few more players. The king of the jungle has a way of creepin’ his way out of danger, and I feel like he’s got one last trick up his sleeve this week.

2. Abbey

Despite being considered the safe vote for the Contenders to throw their votes onto, Abbey’s in a perfect position for Australian Survivor 2019 week 7. Though she has proven herself to be a capable challenge competitor, she doesn’t have an overly impressive resume worthy of being a top jury threat. Combinations of either Janine, Luke, or Simon will likely be targeted before her on the Champions, no matter how next week breaks.

Unless Abbey has a meltdown, I feel she has the best chance of making it out of the week.

1. Pia

Not only does Pia come out the best no matter how this week runs, Pia currently has the best shot at winning Australian Survivor 2019. I feel like it’s been manifested, as she seems flexible to any scenario and has meat and strategy shields ahead of her in both groups.

She’s in the most influential trio right now with Janine and Abbey, yet she keeps Janine as a shield and knows she can’t go to the end with her. She also has a game-long working relationship with Luke and can pivot to a group with him if the votes go towards a flip. She’s also well secured if only Contenders leave.

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No matter how you dice it, I’ve never been more assured of a player’s spot and their safety in Australian Survivor 2019 as I am with Pia.