Brice Izyah celebrates 2020’s Hot Gurl Summa with a Survivor calendar

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Not content to let only the zaddies shine, Brice Izyah has revealed the Survivor women featured in his 2020 Hot Gurl Summa Calendar, available now.

It has been a remarkably hot summer in North America. Though climate change (a real, harrowing fact) is a major factor, a Survivor fan tapped into the online community might also contribute a small factor being the release of Brice Izyah’s 2020 Zaddy Calendar, featuring many hot dudes from the Survivor community.

Though it’s great to see some faces (and more) from all reaches of the community, many had asked the host of Rob Has a Website’s Purple Pants Podcast in a delicate manner, “Where the women at?” Thankfully, those questions have been answered, as Brice paired up with Ghost Island winner Wendell Holland on his podcast to reveal the women featured in the newly announced 2020 Hot Gurl Summa Calendar, available here for $30.

The Survivor community really came out to support Brice Izyah’s project, with players of all eras of the game coming out to show their stuff. Boot orders be damned, too, as Stephanie Gonzalez from Ghost Island graced the cover followed by Rachel Ako for Millennials vs. Gen X in the primary January spot.

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Breaking it down, Cirie Fields will stand alone in February followed by the pair of Ciera Eastin and Andrea Boehlke for March. Desiree Afuye represents April while Alexis Maxwell and Julia Carter feature in May. Winners are accepted for the calendar, too, as Michele Fitzgerald came out to represent June. Survivor China gets some representation with Sherea Lloyd showing support.

The rest of the Brice Izyah 2020 Hot Gurl Summa Calendar is a shotgun approach of pairs and iconic characters from the show’s history. Both Sierra Dawn Thomas and Figgy share August, Hannah Shapiro and Gabby Pascuzzi paired up for September, and Lauren O’Connell and Kelley Wentworth do make it count for October.

Former Miss Virginia winner Desi Williams is here for November, T-Bird Cooper closes out the year in December, and Corinne Kaplan gets you ready for January 2021. Also, Abi-Maria Gomes will show up for the back cover of the calendar.

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It’s a great group of Survivor women showing up for Brice’s calendar, so make sure you pick up a copy of your own if you’re interested. If the 2020 Zaddy Calendar sold like hotcakes, then this will surely follow suit.