Australian Survivor 2019 week 8 power rankings: The Final Six

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The two remaining Contenders pulled off a huge blindside, setting the stage for a dynamic week 8 in our Australian Survivor 2019 Final Six power rankings.

6. Janine

It is in nobody’s best interest for Janine to stay in the game much longer. When a multi-millionaire CEO is so openly praised by players both in and leaving the game to the point where they’re still comfortable handing a rich woman even more money than anyone else in the game, it’s a testament to the respect she’s garnered.

Though I firmly believe monetary or “need” status shouldn’t determine somebody’s requirements to win for the jury, they are full of killers who show the hell of a lot of respect for Janine thriving outside of the office. Taking her out is enough of a resume-builder as it is a smart move overall.

5. Luke

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Though he may be the best bet left in the game to win individual immunity and keep himself safe for another round, there’s no denying the threat level of the King of the Jungle in the endgame of Australian Survivor. He’s got a great story that would slay the jury no matter who he sits with, as he’s loved for his social game, strategic game, and his challenge performances so far.

I still think Janine goes home before Luke, though I think that Abbey will not want to go in on a plan to vote out Pia if Janine wins immunity at the Final Six. For that reason, I could imagine Luke going home this coming week.

4. Harry

Dirty Harry’s alliances are birthed out of circumstance, but that doesn’t mean he’s in too poor of a spot. He’s been pushing for the current alliance to go forward, and he’s in the driver’s seat right now. However, should either Janine or Luke go out in sixth place, I feel like the three Champions can come together to take out Harry and go from there.

He’s such a threat in this game, and his nickname comes from being a hard-fought player who managed to escape death. He’s been lovingly referred to as a cockroach by The Godmother and having the kind of strategic mind to escape death and thrive so late into the game will turn him into the biggest threat to win at the Final Four.

3. Baden

Baden’s win equity in Australian Survivor 2019 is pretty low, but positionally, he’s been set to be right in the middle at the endgame. He has no allies that are 100% covering his best interests outside of, maybe, Luke, who I still think would vote him out to further his own game if he absolutely had to.

However, he is in a loose 4-2 alliance right now that can pivot regardless of circumstance. Should Janine win immunity first, I could see the pivot to voting out Luke then getting Janine with Abbey and Harry at the Final Five. Should Luke win immunity first, I could see getting out Janine then working with Abbey and Pia to get out Luke at the Final Five.

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2. Abbey

Though there are some scenarios in which I believe Abbey can win Australian Survivor 2019, her biggest strength this week comes with the need for her to swing positions for any voting bloc. She has proven to be capable of taking out players within any group, including AFL legends like Simon that she previously showed apprehension in doing (like ET).

However, I believe she chooses where the votes go at this stage. I could easily see her voting out Janine, Luke, Harry or Baden in any scenario this coming week, as she needs to be the lynchpin in any group going forward. That may tank her ability to win depending on where she goes, but she’s sitting pretty now despite being a challenge threat.

1. Pia

No bones about it, Pia continues to be my pick to win Australian Survivor 2019. Though Abbey just betrayed her and Janine, both she and Abbey recognize Janine as the problem on the path to their endgame. They both have been waiting to find the right time to strike, and that time is now.

Pia’s greatest strength is that she has too many shields ahead of her. Janine and Luke are ahead of her, and in the scenario both go, she’s more willing to cut Abbey’s throat to go with Harry and Baden to get revenge for Abbey’s betrayal. However, she is also capable of working with Abbey and Luke in getting rid of Harry should immunities flow that way.

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I’m trying to find a scenario where Pia becomes the target to be voted out, and I’m struggling to make the dots connect at this stage. Anything can change in an hour, let alone a week, and we’ll be there each step of the way to follow the process.