Australian Survivor: All Stars season announced, set for Early 2020 release

Ten Network
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The best and brightest from the first four seasons will come back to duke it out once again, as Australian Survivor: All Stars has been confirmed.

Today, we saw the fourth winner in the Ten Network era of Australian Survivor crowned, producing the first-ever clean sweep of the jury. It was a rough and tumble season, with many great, bombastic personalities coming together to prove their worth and fight for a half-million-dollar prize.

It was also the first season to bring back a returning player for their second go around the block, as Luke Toki proved to be more dynamic, skilled, strategic and entertaining as a player on his second go around. To be fair, he started out on a tribe that was filled with one-dimensional athletes and Contenders who were more than willing to bury their own.

To get the authentic returning player experience, you should bring back an entire cast of 24. That’s exactly what Ten Network did, as they announced after the finale that Australian Survivor: All Stars will bring the second season of island-based competition to the Australian television landscape within the span of a year. It’s getting closer to the US version’s timeline!

Whereas the US version has an odd-numbered season in September – December months and an even-numbered season from February or March to May, this season is currently being filmed right now, giving a summer and spring television schedule. Names haven’t been confirmed for the cast, nor do we know if winners will be brought on like in the US version.

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All we know is that the “best of the best” from the first four seasons will be competing against each other, with an emphasis on head-to-head matchups seemingly present like we saw in the early days of this past season. Will the tribes have as much teamwork as Champions and Contenders did, or will these tribes play more individualistic games?