Survivor: Edge of Extinction players draft Island of the Idols castaways

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Five post-merge (and one who was also pre-merge) players from Edge of Extinction live-streamed their Survivor: Island of the Idols player draft.

Just because a season of Survivor turns out to fundamentally break the understanding of the game doesn’t mean that the onus should be put on the players. There have been some great casts on middling to bad seasons and some middling casts that have well outperformed their means. I liked many of the players from Edge of Extinction, and now it seems as some of the more entertaining characters have started a great new tradition.

Survivor NSFW, the podcast hosted by former castaways Jonny Fairplay and Matt Bischoff, handed the show off to Rick Devens, Gavin Whitson, Aurora McCreary, The Wardog and “Evil” Vic Baamonde to host an Island of the Idols player draft. Each season 38 player had the opportunity to pick one of four players to comprise their team, each hoping that one of their four will become the Sole Survivor come mid-December.

There’s clearly a lot that went on behind the scenes of Edge of Extinction that pours through with these five players, as there are a lot of side barbs at their fellow castaways in mentioning stuff that didn’t make it to the show. Apparently, Lauren mentioned being a D1 athlete a lot more on the island than we saw on our television if it’s worth bringing up more than a year after the season filmed!

Despite being the least prepared for the draft, Team Victoria’s group of Tommy, Chelsea, Jason, and Missy seems, perhaps, the best suited in a winner-take-all Survivor: Island of the Idols draft. Aurora’s group of Lauren, Dean, Karishma, and Kellee is probably the second strongest.

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Other teams include Jack, Elaine, Jamal, and Tom for Team Gavin, Dan, Aaron, Vince, and Elizabeth for Team Devens, and Molly, Janet, Ronnie, and Noura for Team Wardog. The castaways returning back into Survivor fans by making a draft while also providing a peek into the inside baseball nature of their season makes for a fun watch and a great video by all involved.