Survivor promos give away too much episode info? Jeff Probst agrees.

After the Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 2 promo gave away who visited the mentors, Jeff Probst took to Twitter to provide support for spoiler complaints.

This post will discuss a Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 2 promo that gives away who goes to the titular island.

Late last week, it was revealed in commercials that Kellee Kim was the name Elizabeth Beisel supposedly picked to compete in the next Island of the Idols challenge. Even before that, during the actual premiere episode, in the US, a brief snippet of the Lairo tribe lighting their torches at Tribal Council outright showed who lost the Immunity Challenge before it even appeared.

There’s a long history of Survivor promos, press photo materials, and other marketing assets giving away spoilers for episodes, although it’s been especially egregious with Island of the Idols because of how much information was given away right off the bat with so little knowledge of the castaways. It got Jeff Probst talking ahead of tonight’s second episode of the season, sharing your frustrations.

In no uncertain terms, Jeff Probst echoed “frustrated” fans who felt the promos gave away spoilers, saying, “I, too, find it mind numbing [sic].” He even went as far as to join in the complaints levied against his own show, which shows that he isn’t the powerful, all-encompassing entity that moves and shakes the way promotion for Survivor performs quite like fans pretend he is.

Follow-up tweets showed Jeff encouraging people to continue speaking up when it comes to complaints in hopes “they will finally submit.” However, we don’t exactly have a good idea who “they” is, which might result in people on Twitter and Facebook complaining to the social media manager(s) for the show instead of levying complaints directly to the show.

Unfortunately, it also goes against Jeff Probst’s own view of the Survivor intro, which has infamously been done away with in season 39 for the first time in almost two decades. I wonder what his thoughts on the #SaveTheSurvivorIntro campaign are, and if fans should keep levying complaints in that regard, too.