Survivor Island of the Idols: Three stories to watch in episode 3

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

There are quite a few storylines going on early in Survivor: Island of the Idols. Here are just three of the major stories to watch for ahead of episode 3.

Last week, we saw the Vokai tribe vote out one of their own in a blindside to those in power. That vacuum creates an interesting dynamic for a tribe going forward; the same is the continual threat of something more powerful blossoming on the Lairo tribe. These three stories will likely propel Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 3, with the potential to go further.

1) Mean Girls vs. Freaks and Geeks?

One of the talking points of Noura’s plea to get out Molly was that she was likened to that of a high school princess that everyone bows to in “not-worthiness.” However, the reality of the situation was that Lauren, Kellee, and Janet wanted to wrest power away from a trio held together by a charismatic woman they saw as a threat.

Now that Molly is gone, who Vokai votes off next depends on the reactions of those wronged. Will Jack and Jamal be regarded as players who the tribe needs to get rid of because they don’t want the possibility of revenge down the line? Or will Noura continue to rub people the wrong way and find herself voted out to bring peace to the tribe?

I think Tommy has the ability to bring Jack and Jamal to his side down the line, so it might be back to high school movie allegories once again.

2) Who run the world?

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Even though the men and women are in equal numbers currently in Survivor: Island of the Idols, women have been running the game so far. Women were at the forefront of taking out Ronnie instead of Vince, women were making the fire at Lairo, women have been going to the Island of the Idols and women were behind the blindside of the most powerful player on Vokai; a woman.

It’s been a refreshing change of pace since the last few seasons of Survivor, where even the Goliath women that were impressive early were undercut by men and the last woman winner was seven seasons ago. Now it appears as though the Lairo men have been paying attention and will try to mount an insurrection.

Will it be successful? Will girls continue to run the world of Survivor? It’s been a while since women, as a whole, have been this primary to telling the game’s story.

3) Remember, this is a sneaking mission

There have been quite a few times Survivor tribes or castaways have visited other tribes, regardless of if it was part of a twist or if it just for fun. However, it seems as though the Island of the Idols visitor will have to actually sneak into the opposing tribe’s camp and do something in secret without getting caught.

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From making a fire to remembering what the Army logo looks like on a hat to sneaking into a camp without getting caught? It seems like the test difficulty is only ramping up, making it substantially better to visit early than to visit late. Will the castaway successfully pull off their sneaking mission, or will they need to try to remember some of the basics of CQC?