Survivor Ponderosa: Island of the Idols juror No. 1 will keep it positive


The first person to become a member of the jury becomes the King or Queen of the Survivor Ponderosa experience. Island of the Idols will keep it positive.

This post will showcase the Survivor Ponderosa video for the first member of the Island of the Idols jury while discussing the events of episode 7, “I Was Born at Night, But Not Last Night.”

For real, this season of Survivor might have produced the hardest-fought pre-merge gameplay we’ve seen in years, if not over a decade.

Island of the Idols saw somebody go home on Day 3 for targeting a Day 39 threat, a woman targeted for a tribe’s stranglehold on Day 6, an all-men alliance target one of their own for potentially having an idol, a women’s alliance collapse in an attempt to break up a showmance via a close ally, then the swap brought about a non-threatening tribe loyalist boot, a strategist perception, and one of the most complicated pre-merge moves ever.

Jack was the victim of Kellee’s backward attempt to usurp all power from the King + Queen + Jack alliance’s male members, and in most other seasons, he would be the final member of the pre-jury group. However, he became the first member of the Survivor: Island of the Idols jury, which also brought about the first Survivor Ponderosa video of the season.

The first member of the jury typically sets the mood for the majority of those who arrive at Ponderosa, and Jack’s happy-go-lucky lifestyle will hopefully make for lack of sour grapes. Even though I wasn’t prepared to be writing pieces like this as early as Final 14, it’s refreshing to see individual journeys through recovery as opposed to a big group like in Edge of Extinction.

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One thing I would have liked to hear more about is Jack’s hardships through his dad, who had passed away six years before the filming of this season. It’s clear that Jack is a bright young man with a lot to appreciate and understand about himself, and I look forward to seeing his interactions with the coming jury members as much as their arrivals at Ponderosa in the future.