Survivor Island of the Idols: The cast reacts to the events of episode 8


Several castaways from Survivor Island of the Idols share apologies and comments after the somber events of the merge episode.

As hard as it was for us fans to watch the latest episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols, I can’t imagine how difficult it was for the castaways to see the events over again. It’s important for us to remember that we’re only watching a snapshot of what’s actually happened from our comfy couches, so instead of judging each castaway like we know their situation, let’s hear from them directly.

Here’s an overview of how it went down on Twitter in chronological order. There was no surprise in the shocking silence from the contestants on social media. There were a couple of comments here and there including Kellee getting excited about Janet’s idol find and Aaron posting a picture of the necklace he won, but that was pretty much it. Kellee opened up the floor with these remarks the morning after the episode aired.

In addition to how sad everyone felt for Kellee, it was clear that Jamal and Janet received a ton of appreciation for sticking up for her and deservedly so. While Janet took the events upon herself to help Kellee deal with Dan, Jamal didn’t shy away from making light of this problem. Both of them weren’t going to let this issue slide, and here are their responses to the praise they received.

Throughout the remainder of that day, many of the castaways involved in the key events of this episode posted genuine apologies for their actions. Aaron uploaded two videos expressing his sincere regret for his comments at Tribal Council and how he handled the situation.

Later that afternoon, Tommy and Lauren both shared their comments and apologies for the way they acted without knowing all of the facts.

Towards the end of Thursday evening, Missy and Elizabeth tweeted the following extensive apologizes admitting their mistakes and how horrible they felt watching the events over again.

As of Friday afternoon, Kellee has only responded to Aaron’s plea, warmly accepting his apology and thanking him for his genuine concern. Dan Spilo’s Twitter account is still locked and there’s no statement from him yet. Meanwhile, there wasn’t too much talk among the rest of the Island of the Idols cast. Karishma tweeted a poignant but wise message as seen below.

Dean, Noura and Elaine haven’t shared anything since the episode aired. Yesterday Kellee tweeted about the unfair legal terminology such as “claims” and “alleged” that are being used when referring to her dealings with Dan, and how those words give room for doubt for those who speak up. Just this morning, Janet issued another thanks for the support she’s receiving and even revealed how Tommy said a lot in her defense that didn’t make the edit.

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Our heart goes out to Kellee, Janet and the rest of the cast of this season as they continue to digest the difficult events surrounding this episode. We’ll continue to watch how this group of castaways responds and will keep you updated.