Survivor Island of the Idols episode 12 preview: Time for some love

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

For over a month, the castaways have been playing for themselves. The Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 12 preview shows castaways playing for love.

The Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 12 preview videos showcase moments from this season’s loved ones moment as well as the Immunity Challenge setup. It does show several players’ family members if you consider that a spoiler.

It’s been a wild, oddly dark season of Survivor, one with a huge cloud hanging over the merge and permeating through the discourse. It’s hard for any show’s editors to balance the number of twists and advantages with the seriousness of the topics broached through the castaways’ experience, but having that knowledge doesn’t make it comfortable or as entertaining for viewers.

That’s why I have cautious optimism heading into the Loved Ones visit episode, as the Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 12 promo video shows that heartwarming moment where castaways become humans once again as they meet the one person guaranteed not to betray them in the game. The video below will show some of those family members (last warning).

I would like to take this time to remind audiences to be very sympathetic to the Loved Ones as they arrive and participate in Survivor. They did not sign up for the discourse surrounding some of the players, and I know how reality TV fans love to assign blame to others through osmosis or condemn the fact that they are nice, courteous, or unaware of others’ indiscretions as if they had that knowledge.

In essence, don’t be a troll online, especially to the loved ones.

Back on course, the Immunity Challenge, seen in the Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 12 preview, is another dextrous twist on a classic battle of endurance. Players must stand on one foot on top of a wooden block while pressing a ball against a post with a round paddle, with the last standing winning immunity.

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I noticed that Jeff Probst prompted everybody to start by placing the ball within the painted section of their post, yet Karishma started way higher. We’ll have to see if that’s a disqualifier out of the gate, as there are no rules about the ball moving after the competition has started. However, I imagine it has to make things tougher, as the competition is geared towards players’ heights.